3 Factors to Consider When Looking for GSE

A lot of things go into a smooth flight. It depends on the pilot, of course, but it also involves the efforts of the ground crew, flight attendants, customer reps and many others.

The ground service equipment is just as important as the ground crew itself. If something stops working, operations throughout an entire airport can shudder to a halt. Everything from an aircraft tug to the service carts need to function properly to get passengers safely to their destinations.

7Managing GSE is not a piece of cake by any means. Airport operators need to do some careful planning, particularly if they are in remote areas. Here are some factors which could make GSE management—and the flights it makes possible—easier or harder:

1. Region (Airport Location)

The more remote an airport’s location, the harder it can be to acquire and maintain quality equipment. For example, several airports in India and Africa have a hard time acquiring fuel trucks, lavatory service equipment and other products.

Even airports in tourist meccas and popular travel destinations can occasionally face problems regarding the availability of ground crew equipment. Places in the Caribbean and Europe sometimes run short of working airplane pushbacks and other vehicles.

2. Lead Time

When ordering GSE, it is best to allow for a minimum of two weeks lead time. That should give an airport operator time to compile a list of needed equipment, check availability and assess costs.

Two weeks of lead time or more should also give operators sufficient time to weigh the pros and cons of renting equipment against those of buying it outright. This can help reduce expenditures and lower the odds of parts and vehicles getting lost in transit.

3. Plan B’s

It is always a good idea to come up with a plan B when waiting for GSE to arrive. Stay mindful of the availability of various items. Also, operators should keep aware insurance liability issues if they need to transport GSE from airports to another location.

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About AERO Specialties

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