3 Facts about E-mycook: How to Use This Popular Meal Delivery App in Melbourne


Have you noticed the recent boom of the online food ordering and delivery platforms in Australia? Over the last five years, the industry has significantly grown. The food delivery apps bring an amazing benefit for all – get access to restaurant food or homemade meals without stepping out. There is now a strong demand and the rise of technology has contributed to it.

While the customers relish the delectable dishes, the app acts as a tool to curb unemployment. The restaurants not only harness this digital platform but stay-at-home cooks can do the same. By monetising their culinary skills, the amateur can find employment.

As you can assume, the Melbourne-based app, E-mycook serves all. So, would you like to learn more facts about this food delivery service app Melbourne? Read on!

  1. Transparent Pricing

Many customers shy away from using a meal delivery app because they are afraid of hidden charges. However, the app takes away such worries:

  • Customers ping the cooks
  • Cooks inform the dish availability and prices
  • Customers pay upon agreeing
  • Order is confirmed
  • Amount is credited to cooks’ account

There is no third party involved, consumers deal with the cooks or restaurants directly. You pay what you are asked to. On the other hand, there are no dynamic charges for the delivery.

E-mycook ensures transparent pricing remains a successful feature. Introducing a chat option is another way to make it happen.

  1. Cooks and Restaurants Manage Delivery

After figuring out the order process, you must be wondering about delivery. Customers do not need to find a delivery executive or reach the restaurant to pick up their orders. Cooks and restaurants take the responsibility of assigning delivery executives and send the order to your place. When the food is prepared, you receive a notification. The real-time updates also help you understand when the food will reach your location. So, you can be home at the right moment to receive the order.

Nevertheless, the cooks take care of delivery and make the order experience a lot easier. You can expect speedy delivery and piping hot food on your table.

  1. Potential to Grow More

The presence of E-mycook in the market opens many opportunities for the cooks, pizzerias, small restaurants and cafes. Customers can taste a variety of cuisines at home. Hence, it creates a win-win situation for both sides. With small restaurants or other joints finding a way to expand their business digitally, this app is a brilliant option. On the other hand, cooks can see this platform as a permanent or part-time option. Either way, customers have numerous options to satisfy their taste buds.

The much-talked meal delivery app Melbourne, E-mycook, is an app for all. You can find it on Play Store or App Store, and download of the application is free. Download the app, create an account, open the map and talk to the cook of your choice. It’s easy once you get started!

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