3 Hacks for Quick Nail Care

Let’s face it, sometimes, or rather, most of the time, there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Between family time, social commitments,work commutes, daily errands, and appointments, our free time is stretched further than ever before.

You don’t need to skimp on self-care just because your to-do list keeps growing. These three quick-and-easy nail care tips can add more time back to your day while keeping your nails strong and healthy.

Nail Hardener
1. Start with adaily dose of cuticle oil.

A quality cuticle oil can revitalize dry, brittle nails and prevent future peeling and cracking. A quick coat of conditioning oil each night can stimulate circulation and nail growth, repair brittle nails, and protect against damage from acrylic polishes, UV gel products, and dry winter weather.

Simply massage a small drop of cuticle oil to your nailbed each night, either on your bare nails or over polish. This will replenish your nail’s natural oils while providing quick protection and long-term repair. As a plus, cuticle oil will extend the life of your manicure.

Also look for treatments that include essential nutrients such as vitamin E and rapeseed oil that soothe your nails and help maintain their balance of natural oils.

2. Follow up with astrengthening base coat.

A layer of nail hardener that also serves as a base coat will act as a shield for your nails, offering a much-needed conditioningboost while also trapping in moisture. Select one with a dual action formula that both protects and shields.A high-quality nail hardener can transform your nails with just a few treatments.

Nail hardeners can be used as a base coat before applying polish or applied daily for added nourishment. By creating a durable surface that moisturizes your nails, a base coat can also help prevent staining.

3. Top it off with a splash of color.

The last thing you need when trying to add time back to your day is to reapply your nail polish each week.A high-quality polish enriched with botanicals and mineral oils will not only nourish your nails but also adhere to your base coat for quick-drying, long-lasting, high-shine color.

You can never go wrong with a lovely light pink or soft gray polish. These palettes are perfect for every workplace or a chic complement to your day-time and night-time attire. To kick things up a bit, make a statement with bold blue nail polish. Experiment with different shades of blues, grays, turquoises, and greens and your nail polish will transition effortlessly from day-to-night and season-to-season.

Some final do’s and don’ts to consider when it comes to self-care.

Your self-care routine should be enriching and empowering. So follow these tips for healthy nails and a healthy self-care routine:

· Don’t sacrifice your health for the sake of convenience.

· Do look for products that contain hydrating botanicals like vitamin E, chamomile, evening primrose, and rapeseed oil that nourish, heal, strengthen, and help grow your nails. This wholesome blend is a value-added formula that will enrich your self-care routine.

· Don’t use—or at least try to avoid—products that contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde,resin, TPHP, acetone, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, DBP, toulene, and camphor.


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