3 Hacks To Keep Your Tables and Workstations Spotless

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Tables and Workstations need equal attention and care similar to your kitchen. This might sound a little weird, but it is analogously true. If you think mindfully, your kitchen tabletop and lab workstation/table both have the purpose of ‘cooking.’ You are constantly performing something important in these specific areas, and therefore it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep such areas clean and spotless. These are the areas that provide the shelter or base of your work. Hence, consider keeping them free of dirt and germs as much as possible.

It has been scientifically proven that a disinfected and sanitized workstation is the key to success; besides, it ensures effortless work. However, before starting with the cleaning campaign, you should have a checklist in hand in order to be entirely sure and ease out the process. Also, as you would need various chemicals such as disinfectants, sanitizers, sterilizers, cleansers, etc., it is recommended to keep them in stock. Remember, the aim is to keep germs and microbes at bay and to make your tables and workstations a safe and clean place.

The next segment of the article includes certain hacks in this regard, which will ensure spotless tables and workstations for you.

Let UV-lights guide your path:

Ultraviolet radiation, specifically of the wavelength around 265nm, has bactericidal and fungicidal activities. If you have to sterilize spaces such as tables and workstations all at once and that too, with minimal effort, UV lights are the go-to option for you. There are special UV lamps or tube lights available in the market. It is simple and easy to use and maintain, as well. UV lights not only do stall and kill microbes from growing on the workstations but also prevent their access and ensures a germ-free area.

UV-C has the desired spectrum ofa wavelength that is required for this sort of action. It has the potential of sanitizing solid surfaces, water and air alike. Therefore, it will be a multi-functional agent for keeping lab areas perfectly sterile.

Use Disinfecting Solutions:

There is an endless number of disinfectants for laboratory purposes. Most of them contain harmful chemicals and agents which are usually commercialized in a dilution form. Disinfectants play a considerable role in making tables and workstations sterilized. They are specially formulated to use on solid surfaces and have broad-spectrum anti-microbial activities along with bleaching properties in some cases. You can use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 1% Hypochlorite Solution, Formalin (1 part of Formalin in 50 parts of water), readily available Copper Sulphate solutions, Chromic Acid, etc. Out of these, Hydrogen Peroxide is used globally as a powerful disinfectant in workstations.

Disinfectants are often confused with cleaning agents, but you should always remember that both of these play different roles to serve the same purpose. However, it is crucial to use them both and not substitute one with the other for ensuring proper cleanliness.

Take the help of Cleaning Agents:

As already mentioned above, cleaning agents do have a definite role in fighting the same cause as disinfectants. The latter is generally used to ‘disinfect’ a given space, whereas the former is focused on removing dirt and dust mainly. Very often, workstations are spoiled with chemicals or stains and over time, they get dried up. It becomes challenging to scrape those off or to get rid of them afterward.

Even if you do not pay much heed to these small instances, these areas could potentially be the source of accumulated dust or dirt if not cleaned right away. To avoid this, it is always a wise choice to clean the tables and workstations regularly with specific cleaning agents. General cleaning agents should not be used for these purposes as they do not have the required active ingredients to clean off the harmful chemicals without leaving any residue behind. Go for the ones that are solely used for laboratory purposes.

Did you gain better knowledge about keeping your Tables and Workstations spotless?

Tables & Workstations

Hopefully, you have learned the basics of cleaning and sterilizing your workspace. It is always better to prevent something at first rather than facing the consequences. Similarly, maintaining a clean work zone will keep you away from facing a lot of unwanted laboratory experiences, which could be avoided through some precautions and measures such as these.

However, while working with any of these chemicals or cleaning agents, always remember to wear masks and gloves so that they cannot act upon you in any way possible. Also, wash your hands and face after the operation. Stay safe, and stay clean!

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