3 Jewelry Staples to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

The effective combination of sweaters, boots, and layered lightweight and chunky jewelry have been a trademark of fall fashion. But unfortunately, the majority of the existing fall jewelry is quite generic and repetitive. So to embrace an enhanced glamor and to be a step ahead of your surroundings, you as a fashion-forward individual need to upgrade your jewelry collection. But with so many choices out there in the market, it is indeed difficult to select the right jewelry for the fall. So, here we have curated a list of three elegant jewelry pieces that will enable you to make a statement irrespective of the occasion you attend.

But, before introducing our top three picks, here is a checklist that you need to keep in mind while selecting fall jewelry.

  • The necklace or pendant can be larger than those worn in the summer
  • Pick jewelry that demands low maintenance
  • White gold and rose gold are most suited for autumnal environments

3 Jewelry Picks to Build Your Fall Wardrobe

Initial Pendant Necklace

Initial jewelry with its traditional aura and timeless design never fails to impress. By opting for a solid gold initial pendant, you can truly personalize your jewelry collection. 

The initial letter carries extraordinary significance for every one of us. And pairing it with your fall sweaters will speak volumes of your fashion quotient.

During the day, you can wear an initial pendant alone, and at night you can stack it with a chunkier statement neckpiece. In both cases, you can expect the best-in-class comfort without really compromising your fashion. Besides, initial d pendants are available in different colors and metal options. So you must go with the one that is relevant to your requirement.

Classy Rolo Chain

“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper

This iconic quote by Don Draper is quite relevant, especially in today’s era. We often tend to ignore the basics in the search for something out-of-the-box. A minimal look is always appreciated, as simple as that!

Wearing a simple and classic Rolo chain in the fall is an absolute treat, both in terms of look and comfort. You simply can’t go wrong by selecting this chain, irrespective of the nature of the event you are attending. Be it your everyday corporate routine or weekend trip, a solid gold Rolo chain is always going to complement your attire for sure. 

Owing to its minimum contact area with the skin, you won’t feel irritation or itching during the fall. And again, you always have the option to pair it with other necklaces, wherever you feel necessary. 

Hear-shaped Colorful Gemstone Ring

                                   heart shape solitaire ring

Gemstone jewelry pieces are particularly effective during fall. The rich and intense color of gemstones often comes to the limelight grabbing a lot of attention. A heart shape solitaire ring can elevate your look to a whole different level, especially on events like a date night, a romantic fall outing, or a candlelight dinner. Besides, for a personalized experience, you can also customize the ring by engraving your birthstone on it.

Which one of these three impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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