3 Kinds of Rugs for High-Traffic Areas


Rugs are available in different styles, colors, textures, and fabrics. While selecting a rug considering high-traffic in mind, fabrics play a vital role. Rugs are classified into their fabrics. The durability of the fabric helps to know which one is better.

Cotton Rugs

Many people are allergic to wool rugs, They can replace wool from cotton. Cotton rugs are excellent for high-traffic areas. Most of them are available in flatweave styles that have no shedding. They don’t hold dust and cause no allergic reactions. Cotton rugs are extremely lightweight and easy to re-locate. A cotton rug gracefully covers the floor and give the warmth and comfort you are looking for. The flatweave style comes in a range of colours and designs. A high-quality cotton rug can last long for more than a decade. At the same time, cleaning is also easy. Homeowners can clean such rugs at home also.

Sisal & Jute Rugs

These natural-fiber rugs are one of the best choices for a family home. They are durable and typically affordable options to enhance the appearance of your living area. The price of these rugs can start at $100. However, the pricing depends on its size and design. Since the fiber is strong, it allows you to blot liquid spills and even permits to use a bristle brush to clean the stained area. They are available in various types of designs from traditional to modern. Spiral and geometric designs are popular for sisal and jute rugs.

Wool Rugs

In New Zealand, wool rugs Christchurch is one of the most Googled words. Wool is the natural protein fiber that has excellent fire resistant and stain resistant qualities. Wool rugs are capable to keep your home warm in winters and cool in summers. There will be no doubt to say that wool rugs are much like the queen bee of the rug world because of their softness, durability, and versatility. A wool rug offers a welcoming environment. Unlike Jute and sisal. wool is soft to touch, treating your feet softly. A wool rug can withstand high-traffic, but you will have to be careful about its hygiene. Tiny pockets in the wool fabric give room to dust to sit on them that is not easy to remove. Vacuum a wool rug with a brushless cap. Hire a professional for the deep cleaning of these rugs.

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