3 Major Challenges That an IT Helpdesk Agent Faces and How to Resolve Them

When it comes to IT service desks, a lot is going on at the table all day. People come with different issues for you to solve. And this task can be tiring and frustrating if you have limitations in your helpdesk and its functionalities. Thus, in order to smoothen the process and achieve excellent customer reviews, you need to recognize the challenges first. Do not worry, we are helping you with that and even in finding its solution.

Getting Multiple and Consistent Requests

Imagine opening your laptop and seeing near to infinite requests on your screens, some of them are staff requests, customer requests about products, requests about services, partner’s requests, follow-up requests, etc. Now you are given a task to prioritize the never-ending list of requests before starting solving them. If it sounds so tedious and time-consuming, imagine how much it actually would be. It is the same for help desk agents every day. But the fault lies in their way of prioritizing tickets.

A survey found out that up to 43% of IT help desks use email to track and manage their user requests. Here, productivity is hampered by wasting time in managing the requests rather than solving them. Thus, to get your IT agents relieved from this, you can take help from help desk software. You just need to set criteria, and according to that, the software will prioritize the tickets themselves. Your agents will only be required to solve them. Additionally, you can add a FAQ section where you can list down all the common queries with solutions for customers to read and help themselves. This will save your agent’s and customer’s time.  

Recurring Issues

The challenge of recurring issues is also as irritating as the previous challenge. Agents often waste their time for solving the same issues multiple times. For highly technical queries, the agents need to perform the same solution many times, but for easily solvable issues, you can have a FAQ section as said before for both customers and office staff. Creating a user manual is also an option here. For example, password resets are the most requested queries that an IT agent receives. By finding a solution to this query, like guiding them to reset their password through different actions, you can save 20-50% time and effort of your IT agent.

And the most advanced option would be to have a chatbot on your requesting page. A chatbot is available 24/7. It can guide customers according to the data you fill in it. If there are queries that the chatbot does not know the answer to, it will automatically generate a ticket and send it to the concerning agent for further communication. But make sure you invest in good quality support ticket software otherwise you might not get all the features. 

Keeping Track of User’s Assets

Whenever an agent receives a request regarding an issue with a user’s product or services, the most time-consuming task becomes to find records of their assets. But not with the helpdesk solutions. It records all the data of your user assets and saves it after every new input. And when you receive a request from the user registered in your records, you will receive the whole history of the user, their previous requests, assets, etc., with the ticket itself. This way, one does not need to waste time searching for the required information.


IT agents can enhance their productivity by eliminating these challenges with the customer support software. Just make sure while choosing one, you have a list of requirements you want from it and look if it fulfills all of them. Also, compromising on the quality of the helpdesk solution will affect the accuracy of its outcome. So, make sure you do a quality check before buying.

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