3 of Our Most Popular Sailing Accessories

3 of Our Most Popular Sailing Accessories

Sailing may improve your mental well-being, reduce stress, and increase muscle strength and endurance. You can enjoy consistent sailing if you invest in the right accessories. Wholesaler Elite offers quality boat parts and accessories to provide seamless sailing. Here are three of our most popular products:

1. Forespar Railfast 324 Flag Pole Holders

A flag pole holder is a key feature in a sailing boat as it holds flag poles in place. The right pole holder can secure your flag, allowing it to wave proudly from your boat.

The Forespar Railfast 324 Flag Pole Holder makes installing flagpoles easy. With this accessory, you can mount your pole at any angle on a stern rail or horizontal bow. We have two Forespar Railfast 324 flag pole varieties — the 1” base, which can hold poles with 1” base diameters, and the 1-¼” base, which can secure poles with 1-¼” base diameters.

2. Davis WindTrak Wind Vanes

A wind indicator can help you avoid conditions like storms during sailing by showing the direction wind is blowing. Davis WindTrak Wind Vanes offer quality performance at the best value because of their low inertial vanes and sapphire jewel suspension bearing. The wind vanes also have a versatile and easy-to-read tacking tab system, which makes their use easier.

Our collection features the WindTrak 10 Sport Wind Vane, WindTrak 15 Wind Vane, and WindTrak AV Antenna Mount Wind Vane. WindTrak 10 Sport and 15 Wind Vanes have reflector tapes that make visibility easy during the night. They can withstand wind speeds of up to 80 knots.

The WindTrak AV Wind Vane allows you to combine two installations into one (wind vane and antenna), possibly reducing clutter on your sailboat. You can install WindTrak AV onto antennas of 3mm diameter or less.

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3. Lewmar Locking Winch Handles

Our inventory features the Lewmar Red Titan and Lewmar One Touch Power Grip locking winch handles. Both winch handles are available in 8” and 10” varieties to suit different sailors’ preferences.

The Red Titan Locking Winch Handles are engineered to withstand saltwater, enhancing their durability. These handles are lightweight and you can use them efficiently with less effort. They’re also designed to float if they fall overboard, making them valuable pieces in your sailboat.

The One Touch Power Grip winch handles are convenient since they’re operable with one hand — you only need to squeeze and pull the lever to unlock it. Like the Red Titan collection, this winch handle is also lightweight and can serve you for years despite the harsh conditions at sea. These qualities have contributed to the handle’s use by Volvo and America’s Cup teams.

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Wholesaler Elite is a leading supplier of boat parts and everyday sailing accessories. We’re focused on offering quality accessories at friendly prices. Some of our popular accessories include Forespar Railfast 324 Flag Pole Holders, Davis WindTrak Wind Vanes, and Lewmar Locking Winch Handles. They can make sailing easier, allowing you to enjoy your time on the water. Contact us to learn more about these and more accessories.

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