3 Pakistani Embroidery Styles That Never Get Old

Pakistani fashion has its charm and grace, which is loved by the millions, not just in Pakistan but throughout the globe. Pakistani heritage and traditional embroidered dresses got full recognition because of their own culture; these dresses are always in demand, which is specially designed in embroidery style. These Ladies Suit, Online Shop, have these embroidery style dresses that are not limited in any region and demand across Pakistan.


GOTA KINARI EMBROIDERYGotakinnari is the combination of gold and silver lace on the dress for a fancy touch. Usually, wear gota kinari dresses on wedding attires. The traditional and old unique work of gota kinari on dresses make a desi touch. Gota Kinari strips of gold and silver usually apply on the neckline and in sleeves, which make a dress heavy and stylish. Gota Kinari work is so expensive nowadays, but it won’t turn into black as the durability of the original gotakinnari is long-lasting. Usually, in Pakistani mehndi events sisters and friends of bride make gota kinari dresses in vibrant color to make the event more bright.


ZARDOZI EMBROIDERYThe zardozi work is also old-style but never gets old with time as it still lives in the fashion industry. The phrase old is gold fit over here. Zardozi’s work includes metal embroideries that give a classy and luxurious embellish look with stones and pearls, that once a part royal attire. Its work has high demands in fancy dresses. Zardozi embroidery usually picks on pastels colors such as pink, olives, fuchsia color. Often, women buy zardozi dresses for a wedding event as the work gives a heavy look on it.


MULTANI HAND EMBROIDERYMultani hand embroidery is an essential part of the culture that includes threads that work with different colors and designs on the dress. In token of love, people gifted Multani hand embroidery dresses. It is a never-ending trend that never gets old by the time as now due to quarantine, most of the renowned Pakistani designers are embellishing the Multani embroidery in their lavish Women Lawn Collection, Online available on their websites. Their collections are with a touch of hand embroidery that gives a traditional and cultural look to the dress.

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