3 Products which Make It Easier to Handle and Transport Material

Logistics and product delivery companies and several other types of businesses must transport items to and from different locations on a regular basis. To do this, they need to hire workers with the strength to load, unload and carry packages. They also need to acquire and maintain vehicles which allow them to move materials over longer distances.

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However, companies often need more tools than manpower and trucks. Here are three products which make it easier for people to transport heavy, cumbersome material:

1) Dollies

Warehouses rely on dollies to move objects which may be too big or too heavy for people to lift. There are different kinds of dollies, which have different capabilities. Pallet dollies, for example, are platforms with rollers on their sides. They enable people to transport heavy material without using a forklift. Some recent pallet dolly models also have pierced frames or towing hitches, which let people pull their material with a handle or tugger.

2) Hand Trucks

A hand truck is sometimes referred to as a trolley, trolley truck, box cart or sack barrow. This product has a metal ledge or “nose plate,” which people can slide under something heavy. Once they do, they can transport the object easily by tilting the truck back.

Hand trucks allow people to stack and transport several items easily. Companies can find models designed for warehouses and other controlled environments. Other hand trucks are built for use in a variety of weather and surface conditions. Organizations whose business depends on making numerous deliveries may find the latter type of hand truck particularly useful.

Delivery drivers and warehouse workers can also benefit from using a stair climbing dolly. Despite the name, the stair climbing dolly is a powered, stair-climbing hand truck. Its small motor and lifting mechanism can help pull heavy loads up a flight of stairs. They can also serve as a stabilizing brake while descending stairs.

3) Lift Hand Trucks

Warehouses, manufacturing firms and other organizations use lift hand trucks to lift heavy objects and move them short distances. Some of these machines combine the features of lift trucks with those of pallet jacks.

A lift hand truck can fit into areas where forklifts may not fit. Also, workers do not need a license to operate them: They can simply slide the machine’s platform or hooks under an object, raise it up and move it to wherever it needs to go.

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