3 Qualities You Must Look For In Disability Lawyers

New Jersey Disability Lawyers

Americans who have fallen ill or are incapable in a manner that makes it hard to work to make a living have the right to apply for social security benefits. Every day, people file for disability and every day people are turned down due to lack of medical evidence, poorly written applications, and missed deadlines. While it’s true that the chances of being approved the first time around aren’t always stellar, you can improve your chances by hiring New Jersey disability lawyers.

If you opt to go this route, here are 3 qualities of a great disability lawyer.


Nothing trumps experience. Hiring a workers compensation attorney who is fresh out of law school may seem like a cheap and noble option, but with thousands upon thousands of dollars on the line, you need someone with more practice. Look for an attorney who has been practicing in this area of law for several years and has a winning record of filing cases that are very similar to yours.


Sometimes disability lawyers take on more clients than they can reasonably help. This overzealous scheduling can lead to poor performance, miscommunication, and a breakdown of your case. It’s important that your attorney has time in his or her schedule to answer your questions, follow up with phone calls, and can devote his or her attention to your case without distraction.

Contingent Payment Schedule

Many people avoid hiring New Jersey workers compensation attorney because they may be out of work and don’t have the money. After all, that’s why they are filing for disability in the first place, right? Hiring a lawyer should be an option for everyone and lawyers that work on a contingent basis make this happen. When you hire a disability lawyer who works on a contingent payment schedule, that means that you don’t owe a dime until your case is successfully settled. The attorney fees are then taken out of the lump sum you may receive.

When you’re looking for disability lawyers, make sure you check a few important things. We have already talked about three chief qualities your lawyer must have but apart from that he or she should be attentive to your specific queries. Look for lawyers who provide high quality customer service. You can ensure this by visiting your potential lawyers’ website, reading reviews, and measuring their social media presence.

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