3 Reasons to Buy Vetafarm for Your Pet Bird


Parrots might be the most exciting pet to own. They are funny, highly intelligent, extraordinarily perceptive, and, most importantly, they have the ability to talk. But, if you consider getting one, remember parrots need a well-balanced diet. Considering they are omnivores, they should eat a variety of insects, seeds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Vetafarm offers great pellets that tickle your parrot’s curiosity. The South American mix from this brand is created with the help of veterinarians, and it perfectly uses various ingredients to fulfill every bird’s need.

Birds are known all over the globe for their love for nuts and seeds. However, many people fail to understand why a bird would need fruits and vegetables if all they want to eat are nuts and seeds. While they could eat nuts and seeds forever, a responsible pet parent should do some intense research about their parrot’s nutritional needs. If you feel overwhelmed by the online information, try reaching out to an avian veterinarian.

Why Vetafarm Is a Game Changer

Here are three reasons why Vetafarm will change your life. First of all, they offer high-quality food that was created using important advice and insights from skilled veterinarians who work with and for parrots daily. Second of all, their colorful food will spike the interest of your winged friend, and it will encourage them to eat more. The South American mix is an excellent combination of every primary ingredient your bird needs to stay healthy. And last but not least, the food offered by this brand is highly affordable. Money-quality-wise, you have just hit the jackpot.

Aside from the excellent bird food, the brand also offers a wide range of supplements, hygiene products, medications, and equipment. And the best part is that they offer these options for birds, dogs, cats, reptiles, small animals, and even zoo animals. This brand has been working day and night to stay on top of its game. They are proving time and time again to be a great help in raising pets worldwide.

The South American Mix Your Parrot Needs

One of the greatest things about Vetafarm is its drive. They are on a journey of constantly innovating their respective industry. As a result, the South American mix is one of the brand’s bestsellers. The combination is made of whole grains, various nuts, vegetable oils, and, most importantly, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, E, H, and K, in the form of pellets. The pellets also contain plenty of minerals like calcium, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, zinc, and many other essential minerals for your parrot.

It has been proven time and time again by specialists that the south American mix has guaranteed results. And the best part about the mix is the price tag. Your bird is going to be happy and healthy without damaging your wallet. You can be sure your parrot gets the best food ever and all the nutrients needed for healthy growth and development without doing too much. Vetafarm has got you covered.

How to Care for Your Little Friend

Birds, unlike other animals, are not very easy to take care of. People usually choose parrots or fish as pets because they believe it’s not much of a challenge compared to owning a dog or a cat, which are the number one pets you find in households across the globe. However, this could not be further from the truth. Birds require a lot of attention and affection from their owners. They are incredibly social animals and can cause harm both to you and themselves if they are left alone for too long.

You should get at least two parrots so they can keep each other company whenever you are not home. They need a large, safe, private cage in a good spot. Don’t place the cage in your closet or somewhere hidden away. They need good airflow, light and preferably to see nature. If you live in an apartment in an urban environment, try researching their favorite plants and creating a private “jungle” for them.

Remember to clean the cage religiously and feed them high-quality food like Vetafarm’s south American mix and fresh produce. The perfect amount would be 20 percent fresh fruits and vegetables and 80 percent pellets.

What Is So Special About Parrots?

Parrots are incredible animals that have been around for millions of years. Throughout history, they have been known as a “luxury pet” to own for their bold and gorgeous colors and their ability to mimic sounds. Nowadays, everyone is free to own one, but not everyone is able to care for one properly. Therefore, it would be best to do an intense research session before choosing a pet parrot. They also need medical care, and few veterinarians specialize in avian care.

Known as one of the most intelligent birds to ever exist, parrots have similar brains to primates and humans. Experts estimate that parrots are as intellectually developed as a 4-year-old child. And if you live with the constant fear that your pet will pass and you don’t even want to imagine that day, a parrot might be the excellent answer for your situation because they can live for up to 60 years. As long as you make sure they are properly fed and kept in a clean and stress-free environment, your journey as a parrot parent should be smooth.

South American mix

How to Gain the Trust of a Parrot

Parrots are extremely friendly after they get to know you and are comfortable with your presence. The easiest way to make friends with a parrot is to present them with “gifts.” It doesn’t have to be complex; a simple olive branch like seeds, nuts, or a cup of south American mix food will do the job perfectly. You can bribe them with all types of dried fruits or veggies or even pieces of granola bars. Once you give them a snack, they will become your friend.

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