3 Reasons To Take An Iphone Over An Android Phone

The present period from which we are passing is where everyone wants to get rid of simple hand set and want to enjoy the android phone. The main reason for selection of android phone is that they want to enjoy the world of internet and social media because internet has collected everything of the world in just single click of the phone. iPhone is different from android phones because of its specific qualities and hidden specialties that are hardly found in other famous phones. There are different categories for which people with internet thirst love to have iPhones. Here are the most famous and well known three reasons for which one would love to have iPhone instead of android sets.

  1. Physical qualities and screen size:

The screens of the android phones are bigger than the normal iPhones. When someone uses android phone, he makes the opinion that he does not need to have tablet or iPad. But if we compare the screen of iPhone, the case is a bit different because in this case one would really love to have a bigger screen as it has normal size and the users remain in search of tablet inspite of using the iPhone. When the screen of these sets gets smashed or broken, they check iPhone screen repair price that is hardly affordable by the user. But at the end, they would love to have an iPhone because of its fine finishing, neat edges and fine quality device.

  1. Value retention and repairs:

When it comes to talk about the retention of the price of the android phones, there is no reason to be worried about because the prices of these sets are much affordable so no need to talk about the retention.

If we talk about the price of the iPhone, they are higher than the android phones. The prices of these devices are settled according to the internet capability of 2G and 3G.

If we talk about the repairing quality, the iPhone sets are extremely repairable and any one can afford them. There are different shops for phone repair purposes that are sprung in every corner of the street. So here again, iPhone takes higher number than the android phones for which they are preferred once again.

  1. Software is a bit challenging than of android phones:

Steve Jobs, the owner and manufacturer of iPhone and apple did a lot for the purposes of iPhone advancement. Steve is no more in this world but he has done and achieved great for his Apple productions.

If we talk about the android phones, these sets have great system for operating purposes. It lacks in some functional qualities that are highly needed by the user.

The latest android phones, which are now being invented, have no button on their body because of their touch screen capability.

To sum up, we can say that iPhones are better than the android phones for several other reasons as well for which people love to prefer them than android phones.

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