3 Reasons You Should Preserve Evidence in a Criminal Case


Preserving evidence is the best way to ensure that your case has the strongest possible foundation in the court of law. If there is any potential doubt over which pieces of evidence have not been preserved, the judge and jury may dismiss your case altogether. According to criminal lawyers Burwood, preserving evidence should be included in your legal strategy from the very beginning of your case, as it can make all the difference in determining its final outcome.

But First, What Does Preserving Evidence Mean?

If you’re being questioned by police officers investigating a crime, it is essential that you preserve evidence. This means not removing any item relevant to a criminal investigation. You should make sure that the evidence remains as is, so it should not be altered or modified in any way. When officers find evidence that could contribute to their investigation, this can help stop further crimes from occurring. Here are three reasons explained by criminal lawyers Burwood, as to why evidence preservation is important in a criminal case:

To Get You Exonerated:

One of the primary reasons to preserve evidence is that it could help exonerate a defendant. When there is sufficient physical evidence to prove a person’s innocence, preserving it becomes very important. If police officers do not take all reasonable steps to preserve evidence for a possible future defence lawyer, they may be held liable for damages as well as prosecuted for wilful destruction of evidence.

To Use in Legal Proceedings in the Future:

Another major reason why you should preserve evidence is to use it in future legal proceedings. It’s possible that at some point, you may be involved in a civil lawsuit or criminal trial for your behaviour on a certain day. In these cases, you may need evidence to prove something that happened or refute someone else’s claim. For example, if you were involved in an accident and someone tries to sue you for their injuries, they will have to prove that your negligence was responsible.

To Establish Credibility:

It’s easy to forget vital information when you’re involved in an incident. It happens all of the time in car accidents, for example, when someone doesn’t note down key details about how something happened or what injuries were sustained. Expert traffic lawyers Burwood explain that your credibility will be severely impacted if you neglect to collect vital information. If there are witnesses, documents, or physical objects that can strengthen your case, preserve them at all costs.

Preserving evidence in the middle of an investigation can seem like an impossible task when it’s not your expertise and you have other responsibilities pulling at your time and attention. Get the assistance of the prominent lawyers Burwood to bring about a successful outcome for your case.

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