3 Services a Mercedes Benz car owner can choose from

Mercedes Benz is subsidiary of the German car Manufacturer Daimler AG. Mercedes Benz was introduced to the Indian roads in 1994. Mercedes Benz produces pieces of luxury and comfort a luxurious car experience. A silver arrows automobile is a mark of prestige and elegance. Since the initial years, the automobile company has set a benchmark for all the luxury car creators. Any individual is bound to turn heads if they are driving a Mercedes Benz on the road. This German automobile company has maintained a reputation for providing the customers with the most luxurious pieces of automobile packed with some of elegant features and safety. This German automobile company was the first to introduce the concept of Automatic Braking System (ABS).

This luxurious automobile company is spread across the country with 88 outlets across 41 cities, making it convenient for a buyer to make the purchase of a Mercedes Benz car. Mercedes Benz is known throughout the world for delivering nothing but the best to their customers and also produce highly desirable and top-class vehicles.

3 Services a Mercedes Benz car owner can choose from are:

Premier express: Mercedes Benz brings the best services that are offered. Mercedes Benz introduces the premier express, a first of its kind service in the Indian luxury automobile segment that will ensure that a vehicle has been taken care of without any delays. Mercedes Benz service centers in Noida have started this service for customers.

Star ease maintenance package: Star ease maintenance packages include ‘compact maintenance package’ where the basic servicing is provided, and the interior of the engines are treated. The two packages in this service are ‘compact maintenance package’ and the ‘contact plus maintenance package’ the services provided by both differ.

Digital service drive: Digital service drive is a transparent and convenient service which includes the perks of the new age technology. This new innovative feature is rich with customer-friendly features and are designed to work around their schedule so they would not have to spend hours waiting. This include an SMS reminder, online booking, video calling their service advisor at their convenience, workshop at their doorstep and the estimates will be sent through email.

It is essential that after 3 months of buying a car, that the car be serviced and maintaining the servicing of the vehicle within a certain period of time. Any individual living in Delhi can visit the Mercedes service center Delhi for getting their car serviced on time. Servicing of a vehicle is important and effective way of maintaining the performance and quality of the car. Any individual who owns a Mercedes Benz, it is highly requested that the servicing be done in time so the vehicle will not show any sign of breakage or fault. If there are any faults, they will be rectified in servicing.

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