3 standalone server monitoring tools

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine offers a cluster of server monitoring tools that provide data collection and available information. These tools cover the entire spectrum of server monitoring, including applications, databases, virtual servers, web servers, and more. urlopener tool also brings easiness in the work by opening multiple urls instantly.

Are you using ManageEngine as your server monitoring tool?

It’s interesting to note that ManageEngine is a division of Zoho. The brand is clearly doing IT management for Zoho, which means it’s tried and tested in a real production environment. The Server Monitor tool is part of OpManager and covers remote resources such as CPU usage, RAM, I/O operations, process monitoring, etc.

The process is fully automated, so you can ignore it after setting the appropriate alerts. It has a handy toolbar that allows you to quickly assess the status of the server from a bird’s eye view. Naturally, the view is customizable, allowing you to customize it to suit your unique needs.

  • OpManager ManageEngine Capabilities
  • Network, CSV, node discovery
  • Availability, interface, SNMP, WMI monitoring
  • Local Authentication and REST API Access
  • Custom dashboards with widgets
  • Business views
  • Zoho maps integration


Instana is one of the easiest solutions to implement. All you need is to install the agent on your host and the configuration will be automated. The agent runs a discovery tool that automates everything so you can focus on the data.

What is Insta used for?

Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a price. While Instana isn’t the most expensive, it’s not cheap to run. However, it is very comprehensive in terms of features. The sad thing is that most website owners won’t need that level of usage and a lot will be wasted.

You can monitor just about anything, down to individual requests and threads. It is also highly granular, as data is collected at 1 second intervals. Regardless, Instana is surprisingly lightweight.

  • Features of Instana server monitoring
  • Automatic discovery
  • Display dependencies in real time
  • Root Cause Identification
  • Performance optimization
  • Micropath Tracking


DataDog solutions are accurate and pricing depends on what you need to control. This structure provides cheaper access to powerful cloud monitoring capabilities. For those who need to monitor the core performance of virtual servers, the infrastructure tool is enough and you can use it for free.

Why use DataDog to monitor your servers?

At this level, you can monitor up to five hosts through the dashboard, application integration, mapping, and more. You can also grant access to information to an unlimited number of users. Of course, there is one catch, and the biggest one I find is the data storage limitation. However, the paid plan is also relatively inexpensive if you need more.

Paid plans also include a user alert system to notify you if something goes wrong. Custom metrics, single sign-on (SSO), live process and forecast monitoring, and more will also be available. You can easily add features beyond basic infrastructure monitoring.

  • DataDog Features
  • Full stack coverage
  • Complete visibility into infrastructure performance
  • Detailed tracking of process impact
  • Ready made or customized dashboards
  • Mapping Hosts and Containers

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