3 Styles of Wedding Videography to Capture Your Special Day


The wedding day is the most important day of your life, and it deserves to be captured on video in addition to the still photography that’s done. It can be hard to choose between three different styles of wedding videography Sydney available today, though, which one will capture your day perfectly? Read this article to find out more about what each style offers you, as well as some tips on how to choose between them and get the best value possible.

Cinematic Style

A style that captures the story unfolding before your eyes. It is all about capturing the feelings and emotions, as if you are in a movie. Cinematic wedding videography is best for couples who want their video to be a beautifully crafted cinematic masterpiece. This style has been popularized by today’s Hollywood blockbuster movies and TV series. The filmmaker will capture every detail from start to finish, filming the bride getting ready with her maids and groom getting ready with his groomsmen. They may also film a getting ready scene where they walk down the aisle or out of church. There might be various shots at different parts of the reception, including cake cutting or bouquet tosses. The goal is to provide complete coverage from beginning to end without anything being missed out on so there will always be something good to watch!

Documentary Style

In documentary wedding videography Sydney, the film maker is often an outside observer. What this means is that you will have less control over the shots and perspective, but it does allow for a more natural wedding day video. It may be your best option if you want an authentic feel to your video. Documentary wedding videographers tend to shoot the event from start to finish without much editing or any set narrative in mind. They are there to record what happens, not tell a story. You might also hear them referred to as fly on the wall videographers because they really just get as close as they can with their cameras while blending into the background so they don’t disrupt anything.

The beauty of this style is that you get raw footage with lots of candid moments and spontaneous events- one of the best parts about being human! It’s great for preserving memories and making them relatable through unscripted dialogue.

Traditional Style

Traditional videography is the most common style of wedding videographers. It’s the type you might see in a Hollywood movie. Usually, there will be one or two cameras capturing your big day; one stationary camera with a wide lens and one on a tripod that follows the couple around. The average length for this style is two hours, but it can run up to four hours if necessary. This type of wedding photography and videography Sydney is great for couples who want a traditional video documenting their wedding day, but not necessarily high quality footage.

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