3 Things Not to Do Following a Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer NJ

Following a collision, your mind is probably going a million miles a minute. While it can be difficult to think, those few moments after a car accident are crucial. They could affect your life quite drastically if not handled correctly. It’s always wise to make sure no one in your car is seriously hurt and make sure you have a car accident lawyer NJ in mind just in case, but there are a few other things that you should never do following a crash.

  1. Leave the scene. No matter how minor the collision, you shouldn’t ever leave. Even if no one has been hurt, you are required by law to stop, check on the other party, exchange personal information, and report it to the authorities. If you choose not to, you are committing a crime. Sticking around following a crash might seem like something small, but it could keep you from being arrested. Being a professional injury lawyer, we would suggest you stay at the scene until authorities come to the site.
  2. Forget or choose not to notify the police. Following a car accident, you always need to call 911. Even if you’ve exchanged information with the other driver, you need a police officer present to file a report. Officers examine the damage and assess the situation. With a legal report filed, the other party can’t skip out on paying for their portion. If their insurance has expired, you’ll have all the necessary documentation to proceed with your claim, too. This will also help your car accident lawyer in getting you the right settlement later on.
  3. Get heated. While an accident can definitely ruin your day, don’t let it overtake your emotions. Placing blame, yelling, or getting upset isn’t going to fix anything. In fact, it could make the situation more complicated. Instead, keep a level head and make sure everyone is okay.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s time to call your injury lawyer New Jersey. They have better experience in dealing with such situations legally and protecting their clients. Follow their advice on things to do and don’t forget the 3 things you should never do after a collision.

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