3 Things That Are Not Considered Sexual Consent


Sexual consent may be one of the most important issues we face today, especially in the wake of ongoing and public sexual assault allegations in multiple industries and walks of life. Sexual consent must be given from the heart freely and with enthusiasm; otherwise, it isn’t considered real consent under any circumstances. According to criminal defence lawyers, here are three things that are not considered sexual consent.

1.Being Silent Doesn’t Mean No:

Many people mistakenly believe that if someone doesn’t say no to sex, it means that they’re consenting. In reality, a number of things can be seen as consent. According to criminal defence lawyers, consent is not a one-time thing. It is something that has to be given every time you have sex with someone.

And there are many ways to give your consent besides just saying the word yes. You can shake your head no or change the subject or move away from your partner. You can even go so far as to leave the room and tell them you want them to stop. The absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes’.

2.Having Sex With Someone Who Is Drunk:

It is never okay to have sex with someone who is drunk. It does not matter if the person initiated it and then said no later or if the person was too drunk to say yes or no at all. Alcohol does not provide consent. If you were thinking about having sex with someone who is intoxicated and you’re unsure, think about whether they are saying ‘yes’ because of the alcohol instead of out of the desire for you. If they are saying yes because of how much they’ve had to drink, it’s NOT consent.

3.Consent Is Not Forever:

Just because they consented to sex once doesn’t mean they will consent to it again. According to Sydney criminal defence lawyers, consent can be withdrawn at any time, for any reason. If you’re ever in the position where your partner says no to what you want and has withdrawn their consent, then stop immediately. It’s okay to ask why they don’t want to do something or what went wrong. Your partner may have been feeling uncomfortable or afraid and needed some reassurance from you before giving their full consent.

Sexual consent must be given knowingly, freely, and voluntarily by both parties involved in any sexual act, whether it be with your spouse, your partner, or a stranger you met on an app just last night. If you are unsure of anything, stop and ask your partner. Get in touch with a criminal defence lawyer in Sydney if you have any questions about sexual consent.

The author is a certified criminal defence lawyer in Sydney who works at one of the recognised criminal law firms. In this article, he explains the circumstances that are not considered sexual consent. To know more, visit https://powerhouselaw.sydney/.

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