3 Things You Need to Know About Your Favorite Flavored Tobacco Products

So many popular tobacco brands have taken creative steps to make smoking more relaxing and enjoyable. These include improving the quality, taste, and aroma of cigarettes and pipe tobaccos through added flavors. While this is a smart marketing strategy to get more market for their products, we can’t deny that flavored tobaccos make quite the statement.

Tobacco flavorings are common in as many tobacco products as possible, from cigarettes such as Marlboro and Camel to cigars like Blackandmild, then hookahs and pipe tobaccos. You can always get to spice up your smoking with the flavor you want, whether you prefer smoking pipe or would instead puff your smokes from one end of a crispy cigarette roll. Below, we discuss 3 things you should know about flavored tobacco products.

Types of Tobacco Flavors

There are several flavors of tobacco to explore, whether you roll for yourself, use pipe, or buy commercially prepared cigarettes. There are apple, cherry, chocolate, honey, grape, menthol, mint, peach, rum, and strawberry flavors. Other flavors that are more exclusive to cigarettes are cinnamon, clove, spearmint, wintergreen, and anise. The menthol flavor is the commonest of all.

Flavors may be added to the tobacco, rolling paper, or filter. Each one of these flavors gives a distinct feel of tobacco and delivers the perfect taste and aroma of smoke you crave.

Flavored Cigarettes are Popular among Adolescents

Flavored cigarettes are favorite picks for teen smokers and young adults. They’ve given rise to such similar products as bidis and kretek. Bidis, kreteks, and small cigarillos appeal more to the youth population because of their scents, and they’re affordable. Flavored cigarillos use has grown explosively, with sales in U.S. retail stores up 50% between 2008 and 2015.

Electric Variants

Is the flavor the catch, or is it the smoke that thrills you? Do you want to enhance your smoking pleasure without getting messy with tobacco? There are varieties of flavors you can explore with e-cigarettes that won’t feel any better if you tried them with tobacco. Different e-liquids of nicotine and non-nicotine solutions come with different flavors. If you haven’t tried e-cigs yet, give it a go, there are lots of flavors to explore.

Final Thoughts

To access your favorite flavored tobacco products, check out local tobacco retail stores near you, or look up online cigarettes stores for good deals. Tobacco with the right flavor is just what you need for the perfect chill.

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