3 Trailer Wiring Issues Which Everyone Experiences At Some Point

Finally ready to take your caravan out of hibernation, pump up its brakes and drive off– either solo or with your closest mates to someplace quite and relaxing?

If so, then good for you! That being said – before you put the pedal -to -the-meddle and embark on your trip; you better make an effort to inspect your caravan properly –in which should also include proper trailer wiring check-ups. This is one non-negotiable rule which you must follow to avoid any type of hiccups on your journey.

To educate you more on trailer wiring checks; here are some common issues which you need to watch out for when conducting your inspection.

Follow the post carefully and know all about them.

Pointing Out 3 Common Trailer Wiring Problems

  1. The Existing Wiring Has Gotten Damaged

In words of top-local auto electricians in Wangara –If the trailer wiring harness exhibits signs of a possible short to the earth wire in the trailer plug; that is never ever a good sign. In such situations, the best course of action would be to take help from these expert auto electricians and fix it immediately.

Moreover, trailer wiring can also get damaged if you come across lots of bumps, potholes, rocks and so on when treading through an off-road terrain. However, the best way to resolve this issue is to ensure the wiring beneath the trailer is of superior quality and that they run through equally good conduits. Also make sure that there are no hanging wires.

Besides these, you must also avoid using scotch locks to merge trailer wires simply because they aren’t suited for such application and can lead to wiring issues in the long-run.

  1. The Problem of Corrosion

When your utility trailer hasn’t been put to use in a while, there’s a good chance that it may get susceptible to corrosion- especially if it is exposed to severe downpour. More specifically, the pins present within the plug might have amassed dirt, grime (even spiders). To be sure; you should look to inspect the wiring connector pin and even freshen it up.

That said, if you come across the pins appearing rusted, having green corrosion and resultantly gone past the point of no repair; simply replace it with a new plug. When searching the market, you will find trailer plugs accessible at reasonable prices. And to swap them, all you need is a screwdriver and sound knowledge of where the wire goes. Typically, you should be familiar with such trailer wiring fundamentals whenever you look to embark on a road trip.

But, if for some reason you don’t know, then fret not. Simply call up a notable Mobile auto electrician in Wangara to come over to your present location and present you their services there and then.  

  1. The Issue of Uneven/Unbalanced Braking

Whenever the length of the trailer wires occurs in-between each magnet connections, they tend to add resistance. And because of this resistance, it causes uneven or unbalance braking for each wheel. The result of this being, whenever you hit the brakes, your trailer feels as if it’s twisting.

To help you resolve this issue and restore even and balanced trailer braking; you can enlist help from mobile auto electricians serving the region. By rectifying the trailer wiring, these electricians will ensure each of your trailer wheel brake packs the same amount of power and whenever applied, they work evenly.

If you come across any of these trailer wiring issues, then get in touch with experienced mobile auto electricians serving your location to resolve the issue once and for all.

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