30th Birthday Ideas to Please Those Who Are Trying to Restore Their Youth!

30th birthday ideas are not easy to come up with. The celebrant is no longer a kid. However, some people choose to live a youthful life after 30 while others dive into the full responsibilities. Whichever the case, 30 is the year of self-discovery- especially for those who were deep into partying and wild youthful life.

Birthday gifts are great, but no gift can surpass the memories created by a unique event. Therefore, think of something special, you can surprise that oldie. Here are some of the unique ideas you can have for 30th birthday celebrations.


Surprise Funeral Birthday Party

30th birthday ideas

No one is dead yet, and you do not wish for anyone to die. Anyway, you can have a funeral themed birthday party. It is a fun-filled affair where you symbolically bury the youthful years. You can have the party at any month of the year, but it is all fun and game when it happens in October and November.

You can choose any way you want the party to be. You can rent a casket or bake a casket-shaped cake. There are many ideas around a funeral party. You are only limited by how extreme you can get.


Karaoke night

30th birthday ideas

Nothing brings a youthful feeling like music. Take your celebrant for a treat and Karaoke. You can book a karaoke room so that you can lose yourself without fear. Sing your hearts out as you get that youthful glow. You can also have a karaoke party at home if you have the instruments.






House Party

30th birthday ideas

When you were kids, you had several house parties with your hood mates. The ideas are transferred to teens and college students. As you grow old and need more privacy, you shift your parties to bars and public places. You can return that youthful feeling if you host a house party for your friend’s 30th birthday.


Spa Day

30th birthday ideas

What is a better 30th birthday idea if it does not involve self-care? Your bestie is turning 30, and the best gift you can give is a youthful experience. You can treat the celebrant with a five-star massage to relieve all anxiety and stress.



Outdoor Activities

30th birthday ideas

There is no more dependable means to recover your youthful feeling than spending time outdoors. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can have for a birthday. First, you can go on a hike or camping. Make a fire in the woods and have a forest BBQ party.

Also, you can take your friend to a beach party for their birthday. You can surf or place beach football as other people roast the BBQ.

Outdoor activities can include extreme sports like wall climbing and skydiving. Thirty years is the perfect age to release all the adrenalin and kick out the fear.

Visit an Amusement Park

30th birthday ideas

It is the cream of all 30th birthday ideas that will leave your soul feeling young. Awaken the child within you by visiting an amusement park in town. Participate in all the activities that you can. Scream your hearts out and go home satisfied like a baby.



Take a Dance Class

30th birthday ideas

Dancing creates joy and helps one keep fit. Give your friend a monthly subscription for a few months or a whole year to a Zumba class or any dancing lessons.





There are plenty of 30th birthday ideas . However, the above will live a 30-year-old soul feeling young and jolly. If you want it to be extraordinary, make sure it is a surprise. Organize it with mature people who will not leak the details. Adult’s full responsibilities

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