Top 4 reasons that make media studies a great subject

The field of media is as broad as it is interesting. It is constantly evolving and introducing new mediums through which one can consume content. What’s more it also offers a wide range of career options; be it journalism, film-making, editing, writing, photography and so on. The media has become such a flexible field in the 21st century that it is creating new careers that people had not heard of a decade ago such as bloggers, vloggers and influencers. It is no wonder that most students are attracted to media studies. Yes, media programs make for a great subject to study. Here are 4 reasons why.

The subject is truly contemporary: Media study courses are designed to be contemporary and relevant to the present age, while also giving students a glance into the evolution of the media. It is perhaps the only course that is offered with constant revisions so that students are up-to date and learn the contemporary methods in which the field of media works. Media programs provide students the capability to absorb everything that happens in the world. It gives students all the necessary tools they need to analyse as well as critique the media. As a result, it affords students the opportunity to see the ways in which the media affects several lives.

The subject is genuinely vocational and interactive: A media communication program is unlike any other program. It is not simply about viva and written tests. There are innumerable practical experiences that media studies students get to encounter. Whether it is making short films or creating their own newspapers; whether it is setting up websites on their own or participating in group discussions and debates, the scope is multi-dimensional and vocational. It is also a hands-on course in which students often interact with modern technologies, in which they teach themselves IT technologies to create impressive content.

It creates better writers and better thinkers: Since critical analysis and case studies are an important aspect of communication program curriculums, a lot of emphasis is laid on creating better thinkers and better writers. Media studies can help students work on their language skills and make them effective. It can also help improve their interpersonal skills and make them a more confident version of themselves. The subject helps train students to think concisely and clearly and to communicate their thoughts in a simple but effective way.

It is an intellectually challenging subject: Media communication programs are also intellectually challenging. They afford students opportunities to explore and analyse crucial issues which are connected to their own identity. It helps them realise how their interaction with the media can create their “sense of self”. Since a lot of controversial topics are analysed comprehensively, it encourages a progressive outlook in the students, so that they do not enter the field with biases, with regards to almost every subject. It helps one eliminate his/her prejudices and get a more objective view of the world.

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