Top Hidden Treasures Of Goa To Be Explored During Your Trip

Famous for sparkling beaches, glistening greenery and historical forts – the tropical paradise of Goa is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in India. You don’t need a reason or season to visit Goa. In order to assist you in experiencing the unique side of this stunning place, here are top hidden treasures that cannot be missed during Goa trip.

Vainguinim Beach

Situated in North Goa, Vainguinim Beach is surrounded by palm grooves and this beach is known for its sparkling crystal clear waters. Flanked by the emerald waters of the Arabian Sea and the steep cliffs of the Western Ghats, this picturesque beach is very neat and tidy. Vainguinim Beach is excellent for spending a pleasant vacation. Dotted with numerous fine resorts, hotels and restaurants; Vainguinim Beach is definitely a very offbeat yet attractive travel destination that you must include in your Goa holiday packages.

Fort Tiracol

Located at the mouth of the Tiracol River on the northern tip of Goa, Fort Tiracol or Terekhol Fort is a very scenic tourist site in Goa. Built by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle in the 17th century, Fort Tiracol is home to a heritage hotel, a Baroque-style church and an impressive history. With great importance in Goan freedom movement, Fort Tiracol is a unique place to explore the history and culture of Goa.

Mayem Lake

Surrounded by picturesque villages and deep forests, Mayem Lake is a unique destination to visit during Goa trip. Although, the time from October to March is the peak season in Goa but in monsoon, this lake looks even more green and gorgeous. Apart from its natural beauty, Mayem Lake offers numerous attractions to visitors like the historic Arvalem Caves, rumbling Arvalem Waterfall, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and many more. This place is also popular for white water rafting in Mhadei River.

Cumbarjua Canal

Mainly known for its crocodile sightings, Cumbarjua Canal is definitely an offbeat destination for tourists. This 15 kilometres long crocodile-inhabited canal is a perfect place to get a little of thrill during Goa holiday packages. This place is also known for the festival of Shantadurga Kumbharjuvekarin which signifies the arrival of goddess back to her home and the annual Sangodd Boat Festival.


Also known as Goa’s Latin Quarter, Fontainhas is a very vibrant and flamboyant in nature.  Nestled at Goa’s coastline, this town is bordered by the ancient Ourem Creek to the east and the Altinho hills with springs to the west. The main attractions of Fontainhas include heritage atmosphere, architectural elegance, winding paths, colourful Portuguese villas and traditional Goan eateries.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Spread across an area of 440 acres and covered by low mangrove forest, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a perfect place to seek tranquillity in nature. Located on western tip of the Island of Chorao along the Mandovi River, this bird sanctuary is the abode to several and rare species of birds including western reef heron, striated heron, pied avocet, black bittern and many more. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary can be reached easily. If you want to see the migratory birds in bulks then winter months are more suitable for visiting this place.

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