The Internet has made life easier for all of us. From getting things delivered to our doorsteps to having information on our fingertips, we cannot thank the Internet enough. One more thing that the Internet has done for us is that we can now also earn money on the Internet. And unlike the survey sites and micro-working platforms, with this new age method, you don’t even have to work and you will still get to earn a lot of money. How? With a URL shortener! Yes, you heard it right, now you can earn money by just shortening long links to small and appealing ones.

Seems confusing? Don’t be confused! Here is how you can earn money in this simple way. When you shorten URLs and share the short links with other people on social media sites, and people click on the link that you have shared, you get paid for that. There are various companies that use the diversion caused by link shorteners to advertise their products or services and they will pay you when they get traffic because of the link you shared. Easy, isn’t it? Well, now that you know that you can shorten URLs and earn money on the Internet, you should also be aware that all sites that will promise to pay you are not legit.

Internet scam is also on the rise these days and there are many companies that will ‘promise’ to pay you but you will not be able to withdraw the amount that they would have supposedly transferred to your account.

So, then how can you find the perfect site for link shortening and earning money? Well, you can now visit! It is a reputed platform where you can earn money with this simple task. Also, they have a low minimum payout of only $5 and you can redeem your balance in the form of Bitcoins or even your PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill accounts. They have among the highest rates and earning money with them is very easy. Also, they have added payment proofs on their platform, so that you can be assured about their services.

About is your one-stop solution for earning money on the Internet. You just need to share link and earn money. With this trusted platform, you can now make income on the side without having to put in much of an effort.

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