How To Enroll in the iPhone Upgrade Program Trade-In

iPhone users have always been lucky since Apple introduced its trade-in policy. By using Apple’s trade-in policy, users can upgrade their current iPhone to a new iPhone. The plus is that users do not have to spend thousands of dollars on the exchange. The policy is quite amazing, and a majority of iPhone users trade-in their used iPhones and upgrade with a new one. If you are an iPhone user and if you didn’t know about this trade-in policy given by Apple to its users, then you must be amazed by now upon hearing this. But before proceeding for the process, keep in mind that there are some rules which you have to go through to successfully trade-in your current iPhone and upgrade it a new one. If you are interested in trading-in  your current iPhone, then follow the guidelines mentioned below.


Here’s how you can trade-in your current iPhone and upgrade it into a new one

By getting pre-approval of your new loan

First of all, you need to get pre-approval for your new loan in order to start the process of getting your new iPhone. Apple has set some conditions which you have to go through to get a pre-approval for a new loan.

By enrolling to buy an iPhone that is on sale

You can enroll to buy an iPhone that is already on sale by visiting Apple’s official website and there you can check your eligibility criteria to get started with the deal. Alternatively, you can enroll from the Apple Store app by following the guidelines listed below:

  • At first, run the Apple Store app.
  • Choose the model of the iPhone you are willing to purchase with the iPhone upgrade program.
  • Choose clearly whether you are buying a new iPhone or replacing your current one.
  • After that, choose your carrier.
  • Select things like your finish and capacity.
  • After that, choose the Apple iPhone Upgrade premium and choose the mode of payment from the available options.
  • After that, tap on “I’d like to enroll” option if you are new to the program.
  • In case, you have enrolled before with the program, choose “I’m already part of the program option.”
  • By following the instructions I have listed above, you will be a part of this program in no time.

Source:iPhone Upgrade Program Trade-In.

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