3D Adaptation of Emotional Aang and Zuko Scene From Avatar: The Last Airbender

Two die-hard Avatar fans recently created a 3D adaptation of the vintage scene from the first season of the Avatar: The Last Airbender. The decade-old show has been reinstated on Netflix since May and has been in the Top 10 most-watched shows which speak volumes about the huge fan following of the show and its exceptional storytelling. The show has been able to garner even more fans ever since its comeback on Netflix.

Avatar’s television telecast ended in 2009 but it has been able to sustain its cult following all these years. It portrays a story of a make-believe world where it’s possible to bend elements like air, water, earth and fire. The protagonist is the only one who can bend all four of them. It won various accolades and boasts an IMDb rating of 9.2.

Recently animator Jacob E Mann along with artist Sagar Arun created and shared a 3D version of a scene from the show. The clip is from one of the most famous episodes where Zuko helps Aang escape the Fire Nation Fortress. The episodes set up the storyline for the redemption of Zuko and his eventual friendship with Aang. The 3D adaptation has done a great job of capturing this pivotal moment in the story and gives justice to the character’s emotional state.

The depiction is not an accurate one and the creators have taken little care of minute details. The robe that Aang is wearing is the one from season 3 and not the one from season 1 and 2 which is an anachronism as the animation is depicting a scene from season 1. Although, Zuko is not shown rendered which is a little disappointing. It would have been breathtaking to see him shoot fire at Aang after their conversion in 3D. Also, the dialogues of Aang are not complete and they are cut short to a condensed form.

As Netflix is working on the live adaptation of The Last Airbender, how differently can the show be portrayed visually is a common contesting point among fans who are eager for it? But there is also the fear that the show might end up being a successor of the widely criticized movie adaptation which has been often called the worst-ever instead of following the success-story of the Avatar: The Last Airbender television series.

The animations made by Mann and Arun shows how reconceiving Avatar in newer ways, more attuned to contemporary imagery is possible and doable. There will always be niche viewers that will never be able to get over the original version of the show but Netflix’s attempt to reimagine might work. What if we end up getting a completely new Avatar which is even more exciting and exhilarating? The chances are slim. To make a show better than the one that already exists and is so massively successful will be an uphill struggle. Only time will tell how successful Netflix will be in creating the newer version. But there must be a lot of pressure too on the creators as well since Avatar is a big franchise on its own. With its huge fan following Netflix risks disappointing a huge fan base. They have already made a big mistake of remaking Death Note which fired back really badly.

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