3D Body Scanners: Changing the Landscape of Fashion and Apparel Industry

Do you remember going to a shop to buy a clothing item that did not do justice to your physique? Either it was too tight or too loose to fit. Then you would go to another shop where you find a clothing item of the same size but surprisingly it fits you perfectly. Fluctuation in clothing sizes based on the brands was quite common in the previous time because each brand used a different size scale. Although nowadays when you go to buy clothes you find the right size irrespective of the brand. What changed in the fashion industry that now gives you such standardized sizes? It is the rapid usage of a full body 3d scanner that would measure accurate body measurements.

Federal governments wanted to boost the production capacity of the fashion and apparel industry and extend its reach to the maximum number of people. Therefore, they started countrywide size measurement projects with the help of these 3D body visualizers. These projects gathered a large pool of people of different sizes and physiques and measured their body sizes with these technologically advanced 3D body scanner. These body scanners were fast and gave accurate and precise body measurements which helped in standardizing the clothing sizes. Once the measurements were recorded by the scanners, it was easy to standardize the sizes across the whole industry in the country. Several companies who were in the business of making these 3D body scanners wanted to be a part of such a project. But only one company stood out from the rest and was part of such a project in the USA and the UK named [TC]².

[TC]² is a leading manufacturer and supplier of world-class 3D body scanners offering it to several industrial sectors. Due to its accurate and precise point to point measurement, the 3D body scanners developed and manufactured by the company were part of the size standardization projects in the USA and the UK in the year 2015 and 2001, respectively. The company was started as a research and development facility to create advanced technology for the textile industry. But with its diligence and dedication, the company is now serving other industrial sectors too such as health and fitness, university research institutes, and more.

About [TC]²:

[TC]² is a prominent manufacturer of 3D body measurement scanner for several industrial sectors such as the fashion and apparel industry.

For more information, visit https://www.tc2.com/

Original Reference: https://bit.ly/36FDB37

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