3D film

Mekanisk pergolaWe focus on outdoor environments with extensive experience of motorized aluminum pergolas with slatted roofs.

pergola automatiskt tak We offer all our customers a film on youtube to see how the project will be before construction.

We have experience after many years of work at other companies in the construction and pool industry.


Our company focuses on innovation and the highest quality at a reasonable price. This applies to all our products and services.


pergola lamelltak The founder of Poolharmoni, Marcus Gullberg, has many years of experience in entrepreneurship and he also founded Gullberg & Jansson, which is still a well-known company in the pool industry.


We offer all customers visualization of their house and garden before they start construction. We believe that everyone who is going to redo their outdoor environment should visualize their house and garden before they start construction.

Poolharmoni Norden AB har sitt säte i Kullabygden i Höganäs kommun men vi utför projekt i södra Sverige. Vi har fokus på europeiska tjänster och kvalitetsprodukter för pool- och trädgårdsbranschen. Företaget har valt att specialisera sig på utemiljö med primärt fokus på pergola, 3D-film, pool och uteköksstommar som produceras i närområdet, gärna i Sverige. Hör gärna av dig om du har intresse av våra produkter och tjänster och kom gärna på besök för att inspektera vad vi har skapat hittills.visit this website = https://www.poolharmoni.se/

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