3M Anti-Dirt Mats: The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right One

Welcoming the public in an establishment must be done in good conditions. Your customers’ first impression of your business is often the moment they walk through your door. This is why maintaining the cleanliness of the space “reception” must be impeccable.

The dirt-repellent 3m mats are an excellent piece of equipment to keep that space clean, whatever the season. Easy to maintain and install, let’s talk about this high-performance floor covering.

What Is The Anti-Fouling Mat Used For?

The dirt-repellent mat is much more than a simple mat placed inside or outside these premises. Indeed, it is mainly used by companies receiving the public (ERP) because it is, as its name suggests, anti-fouling. It forms a barrier between the dirt on the outside and the cleanliness on the inside. Therefore, it has been designed and thought out to welcome the public in good conditions and keep the entrance to your establishment clean. This is why it must be chosen, considering particular criteria.

This entrance mat is a clean floor covering, but not only! It has several other uses and is also used to convey a good image of your company, communicate a message, or protect the public from accidents related to soil moisture.

Before revealing more details on how to choose it, let’s discover the advantages and the different textures that it composes.

Advantages of the dirt-repellent entrance mat

As stated, its primary function is to reduce the penetration of dirt into your premises through the soles of passers-by. But, it results from its other advantages, which are appropriate to many sectors of activity.

In addition, some of the dirt-repellent 3M mats are made in different parts of the world and have 100% recyclable fiber. They all meet strict specifications and comply with safety standards—additional guarantees of quality that will help you choose the best for you and your audience.

The Different Models and Textures of 3M Anti-Dirt Mats

The environment and industry of your business will influence the choice of model. Indeed, you will have the choice between the absorbent, scratching, or non-slip model.  Different models are offered with varied designs and a color palette to match your decoration. What to blend with the useful with the pleasant!

  1. Absorbent mat

The dirt-repellent absorbent mat is mainly suitable for humid and rainy environments. Its velvet texture absorbs moisture and is a barrier against water outside. It blocks dirt from shoes and protects passers-by from slips and falls. High performance helps you keep your interior clean and dry.

  1. Scratch mat

Made of rubber or from natural coconut fiber, the anti-dirt scraping mat guarantees maximum cleanliness of your establishment. It is not unusual for an individual crossing the entrance to your premises to carry dirt, impurities, or even mud under their soles in rainy weather.

  1. Non-slip mat

The non-slip mat is dirt-repellent and helps maintain a stable position even if the floor is wet. In addition to limiting the entry of dirt and moisture caused by the soles, the non-slip mat reduces falls and accidents thanks to its adhesion to all floors. The combination of 2 actions: scraping and drying, make this rug an all-in-one.

As you will have understood, before investing in dirt-repellent 3m mats, you must become acquainted with the different existing models and their characteristics because it is not enough to choose the first carpet you will find on the market but to opt for a durable and superior quality floor covering.

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