4 Bedroom Aid Products You Must Have

It can be so difficult for the elderly and disabled to get out of bed.

While healthy people may take these simple pleasures of life for granted, people with disabilities may have to ask for support or experience discomfort every single time.

An injury, disability, or condition can make someone so helpless. Fortunately, the situation isn’t that worse now. There are several products to aid people in their bedrooms. Most of them don’t even require installation, for example, the overbed table. Others like bed safety rails would require some installation, but they are comfortable and quick.

Bedroom aids can play a significant role in providing comfort and assistance in daily routine.

Let’s see a few of those:

1. Bed Safety Rails

You can attach the bed rails to your bed or the floor aside, depending on the level of supports they provide. Some bed rails also come with features to fold or slide down when not in use.

There are different designs of bed rails available. Some can stretch over your bed length, while others can be short as grab rails.

Long rails can assist you and even prevent accidents like rolling out of bed.

Suppose you’re lying down on the bed. Long rails can help you pull yourself in a sitting position. Once your feet are on the floor, you can then use them as a support to stand up.

You can also install rails on either side in case of inadequate upper body strength. Using both can help you pull yourself up.

2. Support Rails over the Wall

“U shaped” rails often found in bathrooms can act as an alternative to standard bed rails. You can fix them on the wall, fold and slide down when not in use.

However, they are not highly recommended. They need to be reasonably long to prove useful, which can make them bulky and cumbersome for the purpose.

The alternative and popular option is floor to ceiling support pole. Some also provide horizontal support rail along with vertical poles. But let me be clear, this option too requires permanent installation.

3. Bed Ladder

They are a single lightweight rope ladder that requires minimal installation. You can attach the ladder to the bottom of the bed and allow users to pull themselves up from a lying or sitting position.

Bed ladders require some upper body strength, but they can be useful when other processes seem difficult.

While purchasing a bed rope ladder, you must check its quality. Though the ropes are designed to be lightweight, they should be sturdy to handle the weight. Because if it breaks, it might cause an accident.

4. Over Bed Table

If you’re spending a long time in bed, then you must consider having this equipment.

We generally find this equipment, i.e., over bed tables in hospitals. A few of you might even be familiar with it. They are long tables with wheels. Patients often use them to sit up on the bed and eat or carry out other activities.

That’s the hospital version. You can use different tables for domestic purposes – one without wheels, horizontal feet with slides under the bed. The advantage is you wouldn’t require less clearance room.

But before you go ahead, check the clearance measurement and also the wheels. Height would also be necessary. Therefore, check the product description and see if it fits your needs.

While purchasing an over bed table, think about why you need it. If you’re going to use it for reading, you don’t need to look for a robust model. If you want to use it as a support while eating, a substantial choice would be better.

What’s More?

Shorter rails and support aids that hang down the bed.

These are a few of the other products that can help get in and out of bed.

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