4 benefits of buying a pre-owned Mercedes Benz car

A certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicle is an intelligent, value-minded option which will be a quality choice for a lot of buyer who are looking for a new and lightly-used luxury vehicle. Certified pre-owned offers a wide range of choices that include the latest models with cutting-edge technology. Any individual living in Delhi wishes to purchase a second-hand Mercedes Benz can opt for a pre-owned Mercedes in Delhi.

X benefits of purchasing a pre-owned Mercedes in Delhi car are:

One of the best in the business: For a certified pre-owned Mercedes in Delhi, a vehicle must meet a lot of benchmarks and also pass extensive inspections by highly-trained Mercedes Benz specialists. The vehicle will need to be a maximum of six model years old, and they must have been sold originally through Mercedes Benz and they should have less than 75,000 miles. The vehicle undergoes one of the most rigorous inspection processes. The inspection processes include general inspection, engine compartment and pre-road test checks, electrical system and function test, body inspection, appearance inspection. A highly trained Mercedes Benz technician who will know the ins and outs of a Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Unbeatable warranty: Every Mercedes Benz which leaves the dealerships get an incredible warranty, including a certified pre-owned vehicle. All the Mercedes Benz vehicles get incredible coverage. Models will come with original four-year 50,000 mile New Vehicle warranty. Once the warranty expires, or if the vehicle is already past the age or mileage limit the Certified Pre-owned warranty will kick in that will cover the vehicle for an additional year but with unlimited miles. Which means even if the vehicle has covered 30,000, 50,000 or even 70,000 miles on the odometer and they will still be guaranteed a full year of coverage. Mercedes Benz also offers an optional extended limited warranty which covers the vehicle for either one or two years.

Pre-paid maintenance: These carmakers also offer the ability for pre-purchasing maintenance into the future, but with Mercedes Benz pre-owned prepaid maintenance, the customer will find measurable saving versus purchasing the maintenance. Prepaid maintenance guarantees that a vehicle will be maintained by Mercedes Benz trained technicians using Genuine Mercedes Benz parts which cover scheduled services up to 80,00 miles. They can help the vehicle in maintaining its value.

Amazing financing options: While all the Mercedes Benz pre-owned vehicles are priced with value in mind, only Certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz car in Delhi vehicles provide the financing options seen on new vehicles. A standard non-certified used Mercedes Benz may have a lower sticker price. These will also help with a lower monthly payment that will allow to go for a better certified pre-owned vehicle than the one the customer may have imagined.

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