4 Benefits of using organic oatmeal

Organic oatmeal is prepared from oats, a kind of cereal grain. It is botanical name is Avenasativa. Organic oatmeal is well-prepared by crushing, rolling, or grinding oats into a coarse powder. It might be well-prepared with milk, water, or yogurt or it will be eaten in the form of muffins, pancakes, or cookies. Oat bread or oatcake is also eaten for dinner or breakfast, while organic oatmeal now a day’s as it has several advantages.

Organic oatmeal has been well-known to man since the Bronze age. It grows in moist and cooler places of the temperate zones. They have a low summer heat needs and great tolerance of rain as compared to other cereals such as barley or wheat, so they are grown in North America and Europe. Organic oatmeal was mass-grown in the 19th century and is famous in Scotland, where historians recorded several examples of oatmeal being a part of Scottish culture. As oatmeal is simple to grow, cheap, and processed, individuals, started consuming them such as cereal.

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Asthma Prevention

Organic oatmeal to a kid’s diet early on in their life might decrease the risk of asthma. It might also aid to prevent the onset of other allergic issues among kids. Further study is required to confirm these advantages.


Few of the vitamins found in oatmeal include thiamin, niacin, B-vitamin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin K and vitamin E, and folate. These nutrients are necessary to increase the strength of the immune system. Vitamin E is aidful in the break down of difficult lipid components into simple compounds. Vitamin K aids to maintain the health of bone and blood coagulant. With such advantages that include portions, organic oatmeal is a part of a healthy diet and acts as a method to improve your lifestyle and health.

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Post-menopausal Health Advantages

Oatmeal is best to prevent heart disease, especially among post-menopausal women. As the years progress, the high risk of many diseases such as stroke increases and heart disease. In a study called American Heart Journal, it was discovered that intake of organic oatmeal by post-menopausal women reduced the risk of stroke and heart disease, and heart ailments.

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Antioxidant Activity

Organic Oatmeal might be a good resource of antioxidants with polyphenolic components and importantly a group of components named avenanthramides. There is phytic acid, vitamin E, flavonoids, and sterols in oats. The focus of these antioxidants is on the exterior layer of oats and it aids the body fight free radicals that might lead to inflammatory and chronic diseases such as GI disorders, cardiovascular diseases, or cancers

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