4 Common Mistakes Criminal Defendants Make During Their Case


Criminal law can be complicated, and it’s easy to make mistakes during your defence when you don’t know what you’re doing. However, there are some common mistakes that many criminal defendants make over and over again that can seriously hurt their case. This article from Sydney defence lawyers discusses four common mistakes criminal defendants make in their cases, which should be avoided at all costs.

Mistake #1: Waiting to Hire an Attorney

One of the most common mistakes a defendant can make is waiting to hire an attorney. Hiring Sydney defence lawyers as soon as possible helps you build a defence strategy and determine what, if any, plea deals are available. It will also give you time to gather evidence and witnesses before the case goes to trial, which can be difficult. The sooner you get an attorney on your side, the better chance you have at winning your case.

Mistake #2: Ignoring the Charges

Ignoring the charges against you is a common mistake. If you get charged and don’t show up for your trial, it will be assumed that you are guilty. It’s also important to remember that if someone else is on trial for the same crime, you could be found guilty of that crime too. So, it’s imperative that when you’re given notice of a court date, you make every effort to attend. Even if you’ve been given more than one notice with different dates and times, do not miss any court dates. Else, you will be issued an arrest warrant or other charges.

Mistake #3: Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest is a serious offence, and if you have been charged with this crime, it’s imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. You might not be aware of the potential consequences but resisting arrest will only make things worse for you. If convicted, you will have to live with the impact for years to come. So if you or someone you know has been charged with resisting arrest, don’t hesitate to contact experienced criminal lawyers in Sydney as soon as possible.

Mistake #4: Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

It can be difficult to know who you should hire for your criminal case, especially if you have never been involved with the criminal justice system before. Hiring the wrong lawyer can mean that you are left uninformed and without a proper defence. You deserve to have access to a defence attorney who will work diligently on your behalf and get the best possible outcome. So do your research before hiring one.

As the old saying goes, it’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. This means that even if you feel sure you’re innocent and can prove it, you still may not be able to beat your criminal charges without legal representation from an experienced attorney. Hiring the right criminal defence lawyer can immensely help your case and avoid the mistakes mentioned above. Refer to the Sydney criminal lawyers blog today for more insights on criminal law.

The author is one of the certified criminal lawyers in Sydney who works at a recognised law firm. He has several years of experience dealing with criminal defence cases. To know more, visit https://powerhouselaw.sydney/.

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