4 Different types of Slip and Fall injury that should be checked immediately

Slip and fall

Slip and fall injuries are extremely common injuries in the USA. More than 25% of the injuries in the workplace are due to slip and fall. The majority of the people come to the ER because of slip and fall injuries. There are multiple reasons for slip and fall injuries like walking on a wet floor, debris, walking on uncomfortable footwear, etc. There are different types of slip and fall injuries with different treatments at the medical clinic for Slip and Fall Treatment in Dallas, TX

The intensity of slip and fall injuries varies from minor to severe. At times, the fall does not seem as severe as the injury. Depending on the severity of injuries, the dot CDL physical exam in Lewisville, TX, can negatively impact the commercial drivers. There are many types of slip and fall injuries. Some of the most common injuries are listed below-


Sprains and fractures

Sprains and fractures are the second most common injuries due to slip and fall accidents. They are second to the black and blue bruises and scratches. Our legs and hands absorb most of the damage when we fall. Naturally, these are the maximum impacted body part.

Often we slip and somehow balance ourselves before falling. This can lead to a twisted ankle, sprains, or foot fracture. At times due to the impact of the fall on our hand, we might get a broken finger. In such cases, people need to rest as much as possible to heal properly, especially when planning to undertake the dot CDL physical exam in Lewisville, TX.


Knee Damages

The knee is also a prime shock absorber of slip and fall accidents. The knee is the strongest yet fragile part of our body. A major slip and fall accident can easily damage the kneecap, and a person immediately needs to undergo the kneecap replacement pr repair surgery. Slip and fall injuries also incle knee dislocations.

The knee is made up of bones and ligaments. If you damage your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL), etc., it will take a long time to heal. MCL responsible for stabilizing the knee movement is also the most damaged ligament due to stabilizing the injuries.


Shoulder injuries

Sometimes the shoulder absorbs all the shock of a major fall. It is human instinct to use the shoulders to protect their other body parts. These types of stabilizing of falls can cause minor to severe damages to the shoulder. Minor shoulder injuries include bruises, cuts, etc., whereas major shoulder injuries include shoulder sprain, fracture, muscle tears, and shoulder dislocation.


Spinal injuries

Many times in a slip and fall accident, our spine is hurt badly. People have to undergo therapy, spinal adjustments, and spine manipulations which will help in alleviating the spinal pain caused due to slip and fall. Whenever human beings fall, the spine is injured in one way or another. The impact can lead to spinal sprains, fractured vertebrae, spinal disc injuries, etc. The spinal injuries need to be immediately treated at the medical center for Slip and Fall Treatment Dallas, TX.


Other types of injuries that happen due to slipping and fall accidents are neck injuries, hip fractures which are very common among the elderly and kids, etc. If there is a minor cut or bruise, one can clean the cuts and bandage them. However, if you have a sprain or hit your back pretty hard, then you need to visit the doctor to get their feedback about the injury.

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