4 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Valentine’s day is a beautiful day in February to cherish love and pamper your near ones. Equally, the exchange of gifts plays a crucial role in this celebration. So, if you are brainstorming on Valentine’s day ideas – why not present Valentines day cards as gifts to someone special. Cards are simple, classic ideas that can fill anyone’s heart with joy. They are easily available online, in different forms and shapes, that too at affordable prices. Besides, you can even craft them at home using DIY techniques. They are easy and inexpensive to make and you will have all the materials to craft them in-house. All you need some colorful paper, glue, and decorative items to make. But if you have never been through making such cards. Here are card ideas to craft at home. 

valentines day cards

DIY Valentine’s day craft ideas to surprise your loved ones

Valentine’s day is a wonderful eve for DIY cards as gifts for your loved ones. To show some extra kindness to your special someone you can make Valentine’s day greeting cards, instead of buying a generic one. You can use up the supplies you already have or find supplies from the local stores nearby. Moreover, it’s a unique idea to please him or her romantically where everyone has forgotten the importance of cards in this age of Social Media and Whatsapp. Further, read on here to comprehend more.

Love U card from burlap

This Valentines day greeting card is quite easy to make and it gets ready within a matter of seconds. First, hand draw and cut a heart shape from burlap. Then, using a red marker, add a dotted line around the heart’s perimeter to mimic the look of stitching. After this, cut a smaller heart from red gingham and paste it inside the burlap. Attach the completed heart to the card with the help of a hot glue gun and finish it off with a handwritten Love U message. Finally, your love is ready in a handmade look. 

Long-distance Valentine card

If you are in a long-distance relationship, then this Valentine day greeting card is a wonderful idea to convey to him how much you care. To make this card, first print two maps – one for the city in which the card’s recipient lives and another one for the city in which you live. Then cut two tiny hearts around each city and glue them to the card. Next, secure a half-inch strip of pink chart paper across the center of the card and add a sweet Valentine’s note to it. Finish the card with a dotted line, uniting the cities in each heart. Isn’t this an amazing idea to please her this Valentine? 

Hot air balloon card

This is a simple card and it doesn’t take much effort to craft this card. Let your dear ones know how much you adore their presence in your life with this adorable hot air balloon card. Start by gluing or taping down the cloud shapes on a card. Next, cut small heart shapes painted in red. Then fold the two heart shapes in half and glue or tape them down onto the card. Finally, draw hot air balloon baskets and there you are done. 

Key to my heart

This handmade card as valentine’s day gifts is a one-stop solution to win his heart. Draw a vintage laser-cut skeleton key on paper, cut it out and paste it on a card. Then write some beautiful love quotes onto it. There are different laser-cut key shapes available online, you can pick any one of the designs and customize it as per your wish. 

Final thoughts

Valentine’s day is all about the emotion that you have for the people in your life. This Valentine share a little handmade love with these Valentines cards, stated above. They convey heartfelt emotions that words fail to convey. Try these amazing creations at the earliest. 

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