4 keys the main advantages of psychological therapy

Psychotherapy is a normal term to treat mental health problems by taking help from a psychologist, or psychiatrist.

The big question for a person who is looking for information for himself or for a family member or friend is, what is psychotherapy for? We have summarized in 4 keys the main advantages of psychological therapy from the point of view of a health Clinical Psychologist.

1. Experience as a Guide:

When a person decides to do therapy. The way to do it is not only through words: experience plays an important role. The therapist is an “activator, who leads the patient to reflection with the aim of reordering the issues that are out of order”.

2. Short-term results:

It is not strange that in a few weeks the person who consults feels more confident seeing that there are ways to manage the difficulties for which they went to the psychologist.

Many times, with a few words and an effective Mental Health Treatment, the patient quickly resets himself to a place that allows him to have a more defined vision of the problem that makes him feel less worried, anxious, and/or sad.

From the first consultation, the blocks that make it difficult for the patient to develop as a complete loved and respected person are analyzed with the necessary depth according to the case and client.

3. With the necessary efforts:

We always say that therapy is for the brave, but that it is not related to suffering. When doing therapy, it is about going through personal aspects that you probably have forgotten, rejected, camouflaged, or with which you confront or fight too much.

The trip can be more or less pleasant, it depends on many things – but in the end, if you respect and trust yourself in what you are living and knowing, you will find the destination that suits your needs, the one you were looking for.

4. Working from the root:

From the first Counseling Psychology, the root problem is observed without wanting to disassociate it with the rest of the patient’s personal history or with the type of character.

It is about discovering the origin of the problem that causes the symptoms. By solving what caused the problem in the beginning, all the consequences in the different areas of our life dissolve naturally.

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