4 Kitchen Organisation Tips for Maximum Efficiency

No matter how much you love cooking and being in the kitchen, there are likely times you wish you could be in and out a little bit quicker. Especially on weeknights when you have to cook for the family and then get ready for the morning, any time saving is worth it. Want to upgrade your kitchen to make your cooking and meal preparation more efficient? Here are a few simple organisation tips that can enable you to do more while saving you time.

P170180_3z1. Close the Distance with Storage

One of the most significant ways to cut down on time in the kitchen is to strategically store things like cutting boards and dishes closest to where you’ll need them most. For example, storing your dishes in the cupboard above the dishwasher makes it quicker to unload the dishwasher. Placing your cutting boards near your knives, and your pots and pans by your stove can cut down on more time than you might expect.

2. Create Zones

Just like in a professional kitchen, every part of your home kitchen should have a unique purpose. You should have a prep area where you can roll out pizza dough or chop veggies, a cooking area near the stove, and a plating area where you can serve everything up. Designated zones with things like toasters and serveware in ideal places for good workflow can help with organization as you prepare meals. You won’t feel like you’re all over the place, chopping onions over here and grating cheese over there, when every place has a purpose.

3. Conquer “the Drawer”

We all have that one drawer cluttered with utensils and duplicate tools we rarely use. It makes it hard for us to find what we need when we need it and can waste time. Instead of having six of the exact same rubber spatulas, only keep the one or two that you need and give the others to a friend or loved one who could use kitchen essentials. Not only will your drawers be clearer and easier to work with, but you’ll also spread the joy of cooking to someone.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Many of us can get set in our ways and work around inefficiency even if the fix would be simple. Maybe your rubbish bin is on the opposite side of the kitchen, but you don’t want to move it because that’s where it’s always been. We can get married to where our blenders or utensils live on the benchtop, but change has to happen at some point. Don’t be afraid to try new things and mix it up a bit.

Could these tips help save you time in the kitchen? Give them a try and make sure to also invest in versatile kitchen appliances that will help you do more and push your culinary creativity to its fullest.

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