4 Kitchen Tool Upgrades That Will Help Improve Your Cooking

12(edited)Whether you have been lugging pots and pans around since college and now want a new cookware set, or are merely looking to expand your knife collection, upgrading your kitchen tools can help you improve your technique and make cooking easier. From a full new cookware set to completing a pots and pans set made with higher quality materials, to a pressure cooker that drastically cuts down on cooking time, these upgrades will help you reach the next level of cooking in your kitchen.

Copper Cookware

Not only will copper cookware add a touch of timeless beauty to your kitchen, but it will also heat quickly and evenly. It is the opposite of the other workhorse material of the kitchen: cast iron cookware. Cast iron heats slow and holds on to heat, while copper, as a conductor, heats quickly but loses the heat soon after being taken away from the stove. Copper cookware is ideal for fish, sauces, eggs, and other instances where overcooking in a still-hot pan is all too easy. It does share one important quality with cast iron: If properly cared for, a copper cookware set will last for generations.

Specialized Knives

The chef’s knife is among the most versatile of knives in the kitchen, able to handle a dizzying variety of jobs. There is little a good chef’s knife cannot do, and it is an absolute necessity in every kitchen. Specialized knives aren’t able to tackle as many broad tasks as the chef’s knife, but they carry out particular jobs remarkably well. Nakiri knives, for instance, can help you finely slice vegetables, while santoku knives are second to none for chopping, slicing, and mincing. A small paring knife can peel fruits and vegetables while handling delicate work like deveining shrimp.

Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital meat thermometers will give you the most accurate reading for meat, ensuring that your main dish is perfectly cooked. You will know precisely when your steak is medium-rare. There is no more relying on the old touch test; simply knowing the temperature will help you reach your desired doneness. With a digital oven thermometer, you can even keep the thermometer in the meat while it cooks, getting real-time readings. You’ll never overcook your meal again.

Pressure Cooker

Today’s pressure cookers are smarter and safer than the pressure cookers of old, and a valuable upgrade to any chef’s kitchen. Cooking time is drastically cut down by using heat and pressure, which also means better retention of vitamins and nutrients, without sacrificing taste. What used to take half a day will now only take an hour or two before it can be enjoyed. A bonus is that many pressure cookers can also be used for preserving food, specifically canning, either adding to your repertoire or making the task easier.

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