4 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories that Can Raise the Independence of the Elderly

There is no doubt that the restroom is a hazardous location for the elders. Simply because everywhere you look around you may find hard surfaces, cramped quarters, sharp corners and slick water flowing through. Bathrooms indeed need special attention when it comes to the elderly.

Hence, in order to assist the older adult to maintain as much independence as possible and take care of their basic requirements at the same time, bathing accessories could be used. This would not just improve the self-esteem and happiness of the older adult but will also make them feel confident enough to safely do personal duties.

However, if you are wondering which items to get, then read the few suggestions mentioned below.

1. Grab Bars

One of the first bathing accessories that you can get is the grab bars. These are the most fundamental safety measures to add on for the elderly. It is important to understand that the weight of an adult cannot be supported by towel racks as they can come off easily.

But using grab bars is the best option as they are highly safe to use. You can easily connect it to the bathtub rim allowing the elderly to get in and out of the tub. Also, you can place it under the shower so that your elderly person can move around without becoming anxious about falling off.

2. Shower Bath Chairs 

You can sit on the transfer benches to enter and exit the bathtub. The bench’s legs are on the bathroom floor on one side and the bath on the other end. Your elderly can easily sit on the transfer benches to enter and exit the bathtub.

They can simply sit and slide by swinging their legs over the side from a securely seated posture. With no concern for falls, it is simple to drop oneself into the bath from there.

3. Bath Step for the Elderly

Bath Steps for the Elderly is a straightforward tool that makes entering and exiting the bath easier. The bath steps can be helpful for senior people who have medical issues and find it difficult to climb over the bath’s side.

If the balance is a problem, then a bath step for the elderly with a handle could be added. With mobility, strength and flexibility issues – this kind of tailored accessory blends with any home easily.

This high-end aid comes with non-slip steps that are both transparent, water resistant and have anti-slip padding. The bathing steps also offer a sense of independence to the elderly so that they can carry out the task themselves.

4. Handheld Shower Head

Last but not the least, handheld shower heads are what you need in the bathroom of the elderly. Bathing can be made easier as the shower head can be moved without even needing to move oneself.

It is great for those who are dealing with any kind of ailment with the joints like pain. By Installing a handheld shower head, you can maintain your independence and might also make bathing secure as possible.

Raise Your Elderly’s Independence Today 

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