4 Offbeat Family Weekend Getaways From Delhi Within 300 Km

DelhiThe best time that you have is with your family. But the hectic lifestyle and work-life imbalance often come between you and your family. If you are missing quality time with your family, then plan a trip this upcoming weekend to one of the best family weekend getaways from Delhi.

Although there is a plethora of tourist destinations near Delhi, we have shortlisted the 4 best offbeat weekend getaways from Delhi within 300 km. The proximity to Delhi, the pleasant weather, pristine natural beauty, tranquil settings, and the absence of the typical tourist crowd make these destinations ideal for a fun-filled family vacation.

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1. Deej, Rajasthan

A hidden gem in the Bharat district of Rajasthan, Deej is a beautiful tourist attraction known for its gardens, forts, and palaces. It is believed that Deej was a part of Lod Krishna’s Parikrama path. Located at a distance of 174 km, you can plan a day trip to Deej with your family on a weekend for a light-hearted and relaxing time. Since September to March is the best time to visit Deej, you can book weekend trips online in advance to avoid any last-minute price surge.

Deej is popular for its havelis, which are inspired by Mughal architecture and built in marble. Deeg Fort and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary are other tourist attractions. Or if you are planning a trip to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary with your family, cover Deej too on your trip. Deej is one of the offbeat tourist weekend getaways from Delhi within 300 km for a day trip.

2. Churu, Rajasthan 

Another emerging exotic tourist destination near Delhi is Churu in Rajasthan. Churu is adorned with havelis, fresco paintings, and distinctive architecture, and is located at the edge of the Thar desert. It is surrounded by shifting golden sand dunes. Churu is a town in northern Rajasthan’s historic Shekhawati region and is referred to as the Gateway to the Thar Desert. You can find many affordable weekend getaways holidays packages to Churu for a day trip. It is always advisable to compare the prices to get the best deal.

Due to its magnificent havelis of Kanhaiya Lal Bagla and Surana, as well as its 400-year-old fort, Churu is a much-liked tourist destination. Additionally, you can add Talchappar Sanctuary and Sethani ka Johda to your itinerary for Churu. The ancient architecture and havelis make Churu one of the most popular offbeat family weekend getaways from Delhi.

3. Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand

If you are looking for quiet and tranquil surroundings beneath the shade of pure nature, then plan a trip to Naukuchiatal. The best time to plan a family trip to Naukuchiatal is from September to November. As there are long weekends in October, it is advisable to book weekend trips online to Naukuchiatal to avoid the last minute rush, cancellations and surge in prices. It is known for its nine-cornered lake. The panoramically beautiful surroundings and mesmerising lake in Naukuchiatal are a blessing.

The all-year-round pleasant weather and a variety of attractions, including lakes and temples, guarantee that your family trip is enthralling. As a part of your trip, you can go for boating on Naukuchiatal Lake, seek blessing at Hanuman Temple, and go for shopping at the few art emporiums. Another sightseeing location is Jungliagaon, a paradise for photographers. You can find affordable weekend getaways holidays packages for a 2-day trip to Naukuchiatal.

4. Sirmour, Solan

Sirmour is the ideal destination if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to escape away for a few days to unwind and live amidst hills and forests. In Sirmour, a quiet and peaceful district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, more than 90% of the population still resides in villages. Because the residents are so in tune with nature, industrialization hasn’t touched this area. It is one of the best offbeat weekend getaways from Delhi within 300 km for a family trip.

Sirmour offers you spectacular scenery, rugged hills for hiking, tranquil lakes for boating, and exquisitely designed temples to help you purify your soul. Due to the extensive peach cultivation, Sirmour is also known as the “Peach Bowl of India.” You can go for boating on Renuka Lake or you can enjoy a jungle safari in Renukaji Wildlife Sanctuary. To avoid last-minute cancellations, book the weekend trips online for a family trip in October.


From soaking into the historical vibes of Rajasthan to the natural pristine beauty of mountains, the above shared list of 4 best family weekend getaways from Delhi is ideal for a 1-2 day family trip. So what are you waiting for? Plan a family trip for the upcoming weekend and create innumerable memories for a lifetime. To make your trip economical, buy the weekend getaways holidays packages from International Travel House.

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