4 Pieces of Advice for Buying Spiritual Gifts

Gift-giving is a pretty universal tradition regardless of religious beliefs, but finding an appropriate gift for someone whose spirituality or religion is an essential part of their life can be a challenge. However, finding unique and thoughtful gifts that are perfect for a spiritual person in your life shows a good faith effort on your part. Whether you’re looking for gifts for friends, parents, neighbors, or coworkers, you can certainly find relevant gifts that they will appreciate. As long as you are coming from the heart and being mindful, they will appreciate your effort. Here are four ideas for inspiration, along with some advice.

Consider a Personal Gift

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to have a spiritual element to it, but you could incorporate personal, inspirational, or healing elements to your gift. A picture frame with a spiritual quote or message printed on it makes a lovely gift. Giving the recipient a framed picture of a special moment in their life is a meaningful gift on its own, but especially if there’s a spiritual element to the frame itself.

Remember Important Events

Spiritual milestones are cause for celebration. If your friends are having a baptism for their baby, for example, it would make sense to send your best wishes for a lifelong journey of faith and choose a meaningful gift for the baby. A faith-based blanket, such as a plush heirloom-quality blankie that says “God Bless Baby” with an embroidered cross, is a wonderful addition to a baby’s nursery. Be sure to find spiritual baby gifts from sites that curate their selection of gifts for babies and special occasions.

Acts of Service

People of faith are often known for giving back to their communities through acts of service.You could volunteer with them the next time an opportunity presents itself, or you could set up your own act of service in honor of them. You will feel good about making the other person feel good while helping others in the process. Many people ascribe to the principle of serving God by serving others.

Home Décor and Jewelry Gifts

There are plenty of spiritually-themed home décor items out there—wholesale home furnishings items culled by retailers, for example—that many people would enjoy in their homes. Whether you’re looking for hand-held cross tokens, faith-based necklaces or bracelets, gemstone earrings, or framed wall art that inspires faith and togetherness, you can find the perfect gift for the perfect occasion.


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