4 Pre-Operative Measures To Take Before Spinal Cord Surgery

Doctors are well aware about the person’s health if they have suggested to get the correction in the spine done via surgery. There are various ways to deal with spinal cord situation such as heat therapy, massages, acupuncture and medicines but when nothing seems to work, doctors take a step forward. Sciatica treatment Raleigh has defined certain steps which are done to make sure the patient is not under a lot of stress.

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Some of them are :

  1. Preoperative Evaluation

This is done to know about the health history of a person who is about to go under the surgery. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart condition or any other condition are well noted. This also helps the doctors and their team to know about the amount of anaesthesia to be injected, pre surgery medication and other regulations.

  1. Medical History and Examination

Whether the person has gone through any similar procedure before or if he’s dealing with other health conditions. They want to know and regulate the dietary intake, abuses like alcohol, drugs or tobacco. Here, they might even ask questions upon your lifestyle and work as they are the huge impacters on spinal cord conditions.

  1. Preoperative Tests

This involves all the information gathering tests such as :

  • Complete Blood Test
  • X-Rays or MRIs
  • Cardiovascular
  • Pregnancy
  • Medications
  • Urine Culture

These tests will tell much about the person’s biological well being and the endurance they have to handle the surgery.

  1. Day of Surgery

When the surgery is supposed to take place, doctors will arrange for your medical records and requirements such as medicines, equipment, replacement would and dietary plan a day before the operation. An intravenous line would be attached to administer medicine.

Chronic pain management North Carolina suggests that you would require to take careful steps to make sure no damage is done post surgery. For that your doctor is the best person to consult about preventive measures.


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