4 Proven method to recover corrupt PDF files or repair PDF files

PDF files also known as Portable Document Files are widely used for transferring data and to share the important documents. You can also apply a password to a PDF file, once the PDF gets encrypted then no one can view or modify them without entering the password. Besides all other features, a PDF file is prone to corruption and it gets damaged very easily.

In this article we are going to discuss the methods to recover PDF files, why they get corrupted, and what is the best solution to recover corrupt PDF files. We have discussed both manual and PDF repair tool methods so, stay tuned till the end.


Why PDF files get damaged or why PDF file gets corrupted?

A user cannot open or access the PDF file, once it gets corrupted. It shows error messages like “PDF cannot be open”,” Error in opening the document”, and fails to open in Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader tools. A PDF file becomes corrupted or inaccessible due to various reasons. 

  • While downloading
    Sometimes a PDF file gets damaged while incomplete download or if the download gets and fails due to some reasons then it may corrupt your PDF files. The most common reason for this issue is an unstable internet connection.  


  • Improper shutdown of PDF readers
    Improper shut down or improper closing of a PDF file may also corrupt the PDF files. Improper system shutdowns or improper closing of PDF reader apps may cause power failures, can interrupt file transfers and downloads, and can damage the PDF files.


  • Hard drive failure
    Failure in the hard drive or other storage devices may cause errors in PDF and ultimately corrupts the PDF files. In cases like, when both the USB storage media and the hard drive fail, it would result in PDF document corruption.

How to Repair Damaged PDF Files?

There are several methods by which a user can repair or recover the damaged PDF files. 

1- Switch PDF reader

You should switch or change the PDF reader and then try to access the PDF file. This is the very first and simple method to open the PDF file, sometimes your existing PDF reader cannot access a PDF file. You can use Adobe PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat, etc. If the problem still persists then use the other methods given below. 

2- Update your PDF reader

Sometimes updating can resolve this issue. Open Adobe Acrobat, then click on “Taskbar ” and then click on the “Help” option. Finally, browse and click on “Check for updates”. If updating the PDF reader does not solve the problem then try the third method. 

3- Restore a previous version of PDF file

You can use a Windows 10 inbuilt tool to restore or recover PDF files to the previous version. Open the Explorer and select the desired PDF by right click. Further, select the “Restore Previous Versions” option. Then a new dialog box will appear with a list of all old versions of the file. Now select the desired file and click on “Restore”. 

How to repair and recover Corrupted PDF Files Easily?

Don’t worry if none of the above methods work, you can use the newly launched PDF repair tool. With this tool, you can easily recover all types of PDF files and in bulk. The tool supports bulk recovery of PDF files hence, a user can repair and recover the PDF files in bulk quantity. The tool performs complete PDF file recovery and it recovers pdf files without any data alteration and without any data loss.


For a quick and efficient PDF recovery, you should use the Sysinfo PDF repair tool. Since the tool has many advantages over manual methods and it is easy to implement. 

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