4 questions to ask yourself before hiring an SEO expert

Gone are the days when hiring Professional SEO Services was fun. There was a time when businesses hired an SEO expert who knew that link building was about posting hordes of articles on submission websites, listing your business in directories, and writing a few blogs on the page.

Asking these 6 questions before you hire the Best SEO Agency in the USA will not only help you understand its potential but at the same time give it an expression that you are not a newbie in the industry and that you can fully understand how it is going to advance.

4 questions to ask yourself before hiring an SEO expert:

1. Can you provide me with profiles of your latest successful projects or clients?

If the SEO consultant you are considering hiring is reputable and trustworthy enough, they will be happy to share their list of past projects and clients. Rather, he will be proud to share some of his exceptional accomplishments while working for these clients.

This will help you understand the reputation he carries and authenticate his work for different SEO Campaigns.

2. Are you sure you are following the webmaster guidelines specified by the search engines when working for my site?

It is very important for you to hire a consultant who follows the best webmaster practices established by Google which prohibits certain SEO tricks including spam content, fake and hidden text links.

If this guy doesn’t follow all of these guidelines, the biggest loss will be yours. Google bans sites that don’t really follow SEO Ethics. The same goes for other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

3. How will you improve the search engine ranking of my site?

Whether you are familiar with these practices or not, a confident and strong question will help you verify his confidence in what he plans for you. He should be able to explain each strategy when you ask him to. Ask him about the estimated time to improve the ranking of your site. Take a realistic but tentative deadline to meet your traffic or ranking goals based on your type of business.

4. Can you assure me that my site will reach # 1 in the major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

Anyone would expect someone to say YES, but if you meet someone who says yes, to your question you have to hang on with that Orange County SEO Company.

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