4 Reasons a Yurt House Might Not Be a Good Fit for You

A yurt house is a fantastic option for people who want to live off-grid or have some outdoor adventure, but is it the right option for you?

cons of choosing yurts, is yurts right choice for you?

The reputation of yurt houses precedes them. They are safe, affordable, durable, and very comfortable compared or some motels. If you love spending time in nature, living in a yurt is one of the best options because you can still experience nature in its fullness without fearing that animals will maul you or the weather will kill you.

More importantly, you can insulate your yurt house to be warmer during the night and also use a stove inside. Modern yurts are spacious enough so you can have beds, tables, and a few other stuff inside there to make your stay more comfortable.

While yurt houses are a fantastic alternative to tents, RVs, and motels, they are not suitable for everyone. Before you cough up $20-30 thousand to buy a yurt house, consider if the below reasons resonate with you:

You still need all the comforts of an on-grid house

If you want to live off-grid, a few compromises have to be made. Stuff like running water, washing machines, flushing toilets, air conditioning, and hot showers are luxuries you cannot afford in the wild. While some locations allow you to pull electricity to your yurt, you still need to be mindful of how you use it. If you are not ready to forego all these comforts, a yurt house in the middle of nowhere may not be right for you.

You enjoy or need privacy

Essentially, a yurt house is one big room that serves as the bedroom, kitchen, lounge, and everything else. It’s literally impossible to hide away from the rest of your family, even if you do some partitioning. Yurt houses are not ideal if you have kids but want total silence and privacy because you cannot hide from them or make them keep quiet. It’s also not suitable if you prefer to have your own space, but you have a family.

You prefer peace and total silence

The qualities that make a yurt attractive can also be an annoyance to some people. A yurt is designed to allow you to fully merge with nature so you can hear everything that is going on outside from the blowing wind, singing birds, running dears to falling snow. If you cannot sleep or focus when all that is going on outside, you might have to reconsider yurts.

You have problems with extreme heat or cold

There is one thing that people take for granted about on-grid houses- they protect you from feeling extreme temperatures going on outside during summer or winter. The same cannot be said for yurt houses, even if you insulate them and use a stove for heating. At the end of the day, a yurt has some limitations, and it cannot work like a typical house.

There are plenty of benefits to acquiring and living in a yurt house if you are realistic about what to expect. If you are unsure about the idea, you can do a test run by hiring an Airbnb yurt for a week to see if you are okay with it. If possible, do this during winter so you can get a feel of how cold it gets.

Note: Here’s were some downside or cons of choosing yurts. However, it depends upon your requirements on how yurts resonate with demands. There’s flip either too of Choosing Yurts for Luxurious or downsizing living spaces.

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