4 Reasons to Invest in Motorised Shades for Your Office

With technology making the lives of billions of people much easier, it should come as no surprise when even the most simple of fixtures and features are given the tech upgrade as well. Out of all the technological advancements that are available on today’s market, however, one that you should definitely take notice of is the motorised shade.

At this point, perhaps you’re thinking that a set of motorised blinds or shades isn’t too impressive. After all, how hard can it be to walk over and pull a cord? The truth, however, is that motorised shades come with a whole variety of benefits, especially when they are installed in your office.

Although motorised shades or blinds are commonly associated with residential spaces, their potential to transform work environments is immense. Through the smart decision to install of motorised shades, your office can easily become a hub for boosted morale and efficiency with just the click of a button and a small capital outlay!

Why you need motorised shades for your workplace

Curious as to how motorised shades can make a world of difference in your office space? Here are a few ways that motorised shades can benefit your company and elevate the atmosphere of your workplace:

  1. Motorised shades are convenient

With the simple press of a button, you’ll be able to lower, raise, and move your shades from side to side depending on what effect you want to achieve with natural lighting! Motorised window treatments can make a world of difference in how much time you save when adjusting your shades in just a few seconds. With the help of an application on a tablet or a wall keypad, you’ll be able to adjust the shades according to your specifications. All you have to do is dial a few specific settings in!

In addition to making it much easier to manually adjust shades, motorised window treatments can be programmed to automatically adjust all throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. Motorised shades are immensely convenient to the point that you can even have them lower or raise according to the movement of the sun. You can also use the system’s photosensors signal the shades to shut when light shines right into the building!

  1. Motorised shades are energy efficient

Did you know that the shades in your office affect your HVAC system’s efficiency through varying degrees of insulation (or the lack of it) every day? With traditional shades and blinds, you can easily run into the risk of having cool air or heat escape before you can contain them right away, which means that you’ll have to crank up your heater or air conditioning. This, in turn, means that you’ll have to spend more on your electricity. With motorised shades and blinds, however, you’ll be able to save heaps on automatic settings that move things for insulation in order to trap heat and cool air in your office for greater energy savings!

  1. Motorised shades provide greater office security

Most office break-ins and burglaries occur because an office’s shades are left open, which can help thieves determine when an opportune time will come up to rob a space clean. By installing motorised shades, you’ll be able to protect your office through settings that allow blinds to automatically close at a certain time of day. This is an advantage that can help protect your company’s assets and valuable data at all times.

  1. Motorised shades can set the mood for office presentations

Meetings and presentations are already stressful enough as is, and they can be made even more troublesome when the setting just isn’t right. When setting the stage during meetings, motorised shades or blinds can make all the difference.

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