4 Reasons to Send Sunflowers


If you are looking to give a bouquet of flowers to a friend or family member, you may be considering Lilies or Roses. But what if you want to send something that celebrates summer? Well, a stunning arrangement that includes Sunflowers would be a great choice! Sunflowers are bright, bold, and colourful flowers that exude love and positivity. Here are four reasons why it is worth sending sunflowers via flower delivery in Toronto to your loved ones.

1.To Share Joy and Happiness:

The giant head and vibrant yellow petals of Sunflowers emanate pure bliss. Being in a field full of sunflowers is enough to make you feel better as the positive energy surrounds you. A Sunflower symbolises happiness, so it’s perfect for occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and the like. While having a good time with your loved ones, share the joy by giving them a stunning arrangement of Sunflowers.

2.To Wish Someone Good Luck:

If you know someone who is starting a new venture or taking their next step after graduation, wish them luck with Sunflowers. Chinese culture believes that Sunflowers attract good luck. They also say that growing sunflowers at home will bring good fortune to their family.

3.A Great Gift of Friendship:

Yellow flowers typically represent the strong bond between friends and lovers. Sunflowers, therefore, are a flower of friendship. Surprise your bestie by sending a Sunflower arrangement via flower delivery in Toronto on Friendship Day or any other occasion, just to show them how much they mean to you.

4.To Promote Healing:

Research suggests that the presence of Sunflowers – or any flower for that matter – will make patients feel better and instigate healing. Sending a bouquet of bright and joyous sunflowers with same day flower delivery in Toronto will convey your get-well-soon message. It will let someone know that you are thinking of them while they are recovering.

Bonus Read: How to Take Care of Cut Sunflowers

Did someone surprise you with a bouquet of fresh-cut Sunflowers? Taking care of them is quite easy. Just follow these 5 tips from a florist:

1.Make sure to remove faded petals and foliage that will be under the waterline to prevent bacteria.

2.Cut 1 to 2 inches from the bottom of the stalk at a 45-degree angle (under water if possible). Place them immediately in the vase. This promotes water intake and keeps Sunflowers fresh.

3.Sunflowers thrive in moderate to cool temperatures. Place them in an area that isn’t too hot or too cold.

4.Add flower food to supply nutrients to the flowers. Mix it according to the package directions.

5.Make sure to replace the water once every few days and give the stems a fresh cut. This will make the arrangement look as good as new.

It goes without saying that Sunflowers spread love and cheerfulness to the people that matter to you. Visit an online flower shop in Toronto and send a gift of Sunflowers to someone you adore. They will love it!

The author is a professional florist working at a flower shop in Toronto offering a range of fresh bouquets and floral designs. In this article, he describes why Sunflowers make a great gift. For more information, visit https://wilbebloomin.ca/

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