4 Reasons Why Use Pool Heat Pump in Summers

Most people think the words “summer” and “pool heater” do not go together, which makes the idea of using pool heaters in summers far-fetched. And the reason is quite understandable – the blazing sun in summer is enough to heat your pool, which means you need not adjust the pool temperature at all, right?

This is not true and here’s why?

Not using a pool heat pump in the summer means zero control over how hot or cold the water is. Which leads to no control over how long you can actually swim. This means that without a pool heat pump your ability to enjoy the swimming pool (one of your biggest investments) is entirely out of your control.

With Madimack’s pool heat pump calculator, you can instantly evaluate the right pool heater size for your swimming pool and get it installed to enjoy the optimal temperature come any season.

Here are Reasons Why You Should Use A Pool Heat Pump in Summers?

  1. Helps in maintaining an optimal temperature:

No doubt, the sun can naturally heat your pool. But, unfortunately, there is no way of controlling when, how much and how often. This means that one day your pool temperature is exactly how you want it and the next day it can be a tub of boiling hot water. With your pool temperature dependent on the sun, someday it will be too hot and someday it will not be warm enough.

This is where a pool heat pump saves your day – especially a pool heater with a heating/cooling feature (like Madimack’s Eclipse Pool Heat Pump). Madimack’s Eclipse pool heat pumps are engineered to meet both heating and cooling requirements.

You can get Madimack’s Eclipse in three simple steps:

  • Visit Madimack’s pool pump cost calculator, enter the details to find the operational cost as well as evaluate the right size for your residential pool.
  • Get in touch with the nearest Madimack’s installer.
  • Madimack’s team will be at your disposal to get the things ready for you.
  1. No worry of a sudden change in weather:

Sudden changes in weather or an unexpected rainstorm and your pool is cold again, which means any progress that the sun made to heat up your water is lost within minutes. A major inconvenience that can restrict you from gaining the benefits of your pool during summers.

Madimack brings you highly energy-efficient and cost-effective pool heating solutions that help you take warm water dips all year round. In addition to this, Madimack makes it completely hassle-free for you to evaluate the right pool heat pump size for your pool. With Madimack’s heat pump calculator, you can gain full visibility on unit dimensions, space requirements, running cost, and electric pool heater sizing.

  1. No hold-backs to pool parties:

Ever made a pool party plan with your friends and the weather spoiled it at the last moment?

That sucks because most of the time, it can be difficult to plan the next one (at least for a while).

Then how to prevent unexpected bad weather from holding back your pool party? Simple, get a pool heat pump installed and avoid such mood spoilers. Having a pool heat pump to maintain optimal pool temperature 24*7 means nothing can stand in the way of you and your plans.

And when cancelling a pool party can cost you even money (spoiled food etc.), a pool heat pump is the only way to avoid such situations.

Why Madimack as your Pool Heater Partner?

Madimack is the best name to put your bet on as far as pool heat pumps are concerned. All our residential pool heat pumps are designed using full-inverter technology and comprise R32 eco-friendly refrigerant. Madimack also brings you a heat pump operating cost calculator that helps you determine the operating cost, maintenance cost and the right pool heat pump size for your facility. All you need to do is fill in a few details in our pool heat pump calculator tool and you will get the free evaluation instantly.

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