4 Safety Aids for Your Toilets

Safety is required for everyone and in any place. But, elders need to take extra care of themselves and should have some caretaker to help them out with their daily chores. If that is not possible, then they need assistive aids to feel a sense of independence and freedom. To help them in the toilet, here we have listed the four most used toilet aids. Read further and explore it yourself.

1. Toilet Surround Frame:

A toilet frame is a very useful aid, especially for the elderly. It helps them stand and sit on the commode. It surrounds the toilet seat, providing a good grip for the elders to hold on to. It is made from metal that helps lift their weight and carry their movement. It helps provide extra stability while using the toilets.

It can be free-standing or fixed permanently to the floor. You can get these rails with or without an in-build toilet seat. Mostly, these frames are placed fixed to the floor. It contains armrests and handholds as well to help assist transfer to and from the seating position. It is useful when it is not possible to install handrails on the walls. Or when the toilet seat does not need to be raised. The best thing is that it can be removed when not in use.

2. Toilet Seat Raiser:

Raised toilet seats for elderly work best. It helps replace the existing toilet seat with a higher seat for easy transfer and less movement. It can be easily attached to the existing toilet bowl. And it is up to you to get your raised toilet seats for elderly with or without any armrests.

This helps with less movement of the toilet seat, making it safer to use. It helps reduce movement in the legs and hips. The things you need to take care of while buying a raised toilet seat for the elderly are that it should have a lock and other clamping mechanisms, slip-resistant pads and should be able to bear the weight of the elderly. It should be light in weight but should have seat height and thickness as well.

3. Commode Chairs:

A commode chair is designed to act as a second toilet for individuals who have some kind of leg injury or illness that are unable to walk in the bathroom. It helps provide them with a sense of confidence and independence.

It helps provide stability and comfort and reduces the risks of falling and getting injured again. A commode chair makes it easier for the caretakers to effectively care for the patient without transferring them to the bathroom. It sometimes becomes difficult to take the wheelchair inside the toilet, but the doors are too narrow for them. In such cases, commode chairs come to the rescue.

4. Padded Toilet Seat:

Padded toilet seats are becoming popular these days. These provide you with soft seats, which are more comfortable and perfect for people having back issues and other disabilities.

Selecting the best padded toilet seat is important because you need to make sure that the size is proper and the padding material is good. Also, you need to know the different types of padding types that are mounted on toilet seats. You need to make sure that it has sturdy hinges as well.

The majority of the padded seats are either round or elongated. You need to find the best fit for yourself.


You need to take care of the elderly because of age; they have weak muscles and need assistance with almost every basic activity. Thus, to make their tasks easy, they need these aids. I hope this article helped you know four essential toilet aids that are beneficial to the elders the most.

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